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October 28, 2014 A perfectly RAW guide to go Goth @TheRoyaleIndia 890 0 0

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Gothic style is deep, dark, mysterious and seductive, thus making this style very enigmatically interesting. This sub-culture evolved in England in the early 1980’s has inspired many musicians and fashion icons over the decades.

Gothic fashion is inspired by the negative aspects of industrial evolution and the belief in ghost, vampires and supernatural events hence, their garments are in dark colors, having a tinge of morbid styling and disjointed look. They depict a sense of break through from the social codes and norms. 

Gothic Hollywood @TheRoyaleIndia

It is an amalgamation of pieces of garments and accessories put together in-harmoniously. The entire look fails to meet the patent fashion norm of ‘a complete ensemble’, rather it is putting together fashion pieces which display ‘self-expression/belief’. Apart from being a culture deeply studied, written about and made movies of, it has over the last few years caught the eye of the fashion industry. Many celebrities have been intrigued by this form of simple yet complex styling.  

Gothic style is not one dimensional and has variations to it. Different types of gothic inspired styles are; Victorian, Haute Goth, Gothic Lolita and many others. 

Victorian gothic @TheRoyaleIndia

Victorian Goth is inspired by the fashion of the Victorian era with corsets, laces, long bustle skirts, top hats and mourning veils adorned in deep dark colors especially black. One would notice layers of garment worn by Victorian Goth fashionistas along with beautifully embellished handcuffs or head accessories. 

Ace designers like Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld and many others inspired by this dark culture brought elements of it to the runway with models in flowy as well as fitted dark silhouettes, head accessories and distinguishing boots with bright lipstick and pale skin. 

Gothic lolita @TheRoyaleIndia

Gothic Lolita is a Japanese inspired Gothic fashion which comprises of the famous lolita dress with combination of black dress and white lace or colors like deep blue, plum and wine. The make is not as loud and deep as the traditional gothic but one can understand the resemblance to this era. Their accessories are strongly influenced by the Gothic era with bat shape chains or crosses on their outfits. 

You can create your own look by keeping in mind five things that will make you look Gothic. The five things that we are describing below not only give you the desired look but are within a modest budget. 

Gothic combo @TheRoyaleIndia

A long black maxi dress

You can find this kind of long dresses in any street market for under Rs.500-Rs.800 (practice your bargaining skills before you go!)

Gothic accessory @TheRoyaleIndia

A black head accessory

This you can find with the road side accessory sellers who keep hair bands, clips and other head accessory. You can make this look a bit more dramatic by adding a short veil in mesh or net to cover your eyes. This hairband would be available within Rs.200-Rs.350

Gothic jewellery @TheRoyaleIndia

A statement jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most important expressions of a Gothic belief. Their jewelry is more of skulls, bats, spikes. One statement piece in the ear or around the neckline will do justice. This again you would get at a bargaining price between Rs. 200-Rs.400

Gothic footwear @TheRoyaleIndia

Boots or Footwear with spikes

Gothic footwear is more of high boots and chains but if boot is not your call then you can pick up your old pumps or a basic pump from street shops and make your own spiked footwear. Theses spikes are easily available in haberdashery stores and will cost you a packet for around Rs.50. The pumps would come around Rs.200-Rs.350  

Gothic make up @TheRoyaleIndia

Loud Lip color

A gothic look on a woman is incomplete without the perfect lip color. The lipcolor they use is very different and eye catching. Infact off-late these lip shades have become a trend among the beauties. Shades like blackish red, deep purple or burgundy red would fetch you the perfect look. These shades would be available from Rs.350 onwards if you looking at buying from a good brand.

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