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Traveling can be real fun if you have an interesting person to keep you company. In fact, the experience becomes all the more enjoyable, when there is strong and durable luggage to keep you going at rough and smooth terrains.

Below, we present a broad list of different types of travel bags that will make your travel experience more convenient and memorable.

Rolling Luggage

Rolling luggage – Easy to carry travel bag @TheRoyaleIndia

This one is the most popular amongst all types of travelers the world over. With two wheels fixed at one end of the suitcase, it becomes easier to carry it. It is available in different sizes, shapes, prints and designs to appeal to every kind of traveler. Under the same category, there is a specific style that allows suits and garments to be perfectly packed without affecting the crease.

Traditional Rucksack

Traditional Rucksack for the adventure in you @TheRoyaleIndia

It is best suited for those who have a thing for adventure. This one is always a preferred choice for hikers and comes equipped with sturdy safety systems and grips. It comes with extra pockets to carry knick-knacks easily. Travelers can choose from a large range that is available in the market. Buying a rucksack protector is advisable as it will add to the longevity of the bag and its straps during flights.


Carryall – affordable travel bag for long journeys @TheRoyaleIndia

This type of bag is suited for those, who have a tight budget and don’t wish to travel long distances. Decently priced, these bags have one main compartment and a lot of external as well as internal pockets for storing other accessories. Equipped with straps, these bags can easily be carried over the shoulder or by the hand.

Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag – delicate travel bag for light weights @TheRoyaleIndia

Ideal for shorter travel, it usually comes with one main compartment, with no or very few small pockets. Not recommended for rough handling. They can also be taken along a suitcase to carry necessary documents and personal utility items inside them. There is an option to choose from wheeler or non-wheeler.

Laptop Luggage

Laptop Luggage – to carry your laptop while travelling @TheRoyaleIndia

Designed to keep your laptop and other cables in a firm and stable position, its internal cushioning ensures that your laptop remains safe in case of any jerks or accidents. These days, manufactures are also focusing on the design part of these bags to break away the mundane of the ever prevalent black laptop bags.

So, irrespective of the kind of bag you choose, do remember that it scores well in terms of quality, durability and price. Make sure the handles bars and zippers are firm and strong. A good quality bag will last you a lifetime, so invest wisely with patience and care.

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