A feel-good journaling app for happy memories

December 3, 2013 LifeCrumbs app for Mobiles @theroyaleindia 648 0 0

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A new visual journaling app aims to capture all of your happy moments so you can brighten the gloomiest of days with good memories. LifeCrumbs is a free iOS and Android app created by a Taipei-based startup, Tomofun which allows to share memorable moments in everyday life.

While there are a slew of journaling apps available, LifeCrumbs seeks to differentiate itself by creating a positive and upbeat community within the app. It uploads inspirational quotes and photos every day, and users gain points for updating their status with comments or photos, with plans for more interactive features in the works. The app integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and it encourages users to capture moments throughout their day that bring them joy and inspiration.

On days when you might be lacking a little joie de vivre, you can flip through previous highlights to brighten your mood. Download it today and give the app a try.

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