A Deck of Cards Can Add Galore of Fun to your Party with Friends

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A deck of cards is always a point of attraction for all ages starting from 9 to 90. Whether it is a family outing, a friends’ night out or a get together, a card game is always the centre of interest and loved and enjoyed by all. Apart from providing a great pastime with your friends and family for any occasion, card games are also great sources for boosting mental skills, memory and logical power. Watching TV and getting drowned into the phone apps and games is certainly not the right idea to spend time with your friends and family during weekends. There are lots of highly interactive and interesting games that you can play with a set of card this weekend or every weekend to come.

Here are a few very interesting card games that you can learn and play while you are with your friends and family:

Card Games UNO @TheRoyaleIndia

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UNO: UNO is an American Card game that is played with a specially printed set of cards or deck. The game is set with an aim for the winner to be the first player to score 500 points. One who achieves these 500 points by discarding all of his cards and also earning points equal to the cards still held by other players is declared to be the winner of the game. The deck for UNO consists of 70 cards that include ten cards of each colour – red, green, blue and yellow, and each colour consisting 2 cards of each rank and of special design. The ranks in each colour consist of zero to five. The game can be played by 2-10 players who are aged above 7 Years.

Cards against Humanity: This is a very interesting and interactive card game that could be played to add fun to your party with friends and family. Your friends would love to groove into such a game where they have to fill-in-the-blanks with interesting statements including words and phrases that are deemed as typically offensive. If you have a group of friends as weird as you are then this is the game to make most out of your party. The game is simple in which in each round one player asks some questions from the Black card which are to be answered by others from their white cards. You can make your own deck by downloading and printing it and also may have your set bought online.

Card Games Monopoly @TheRoyaleIndia

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Monopoly Deal: Derived from the Board Game Monopoly, this is a card game that came into its role in 2008. This is a game to be played by 2-5 players aged above 8 years. In this game, the players try to collect three different sets of complete cards that represent the properties from the board’s game. This they do by playing directly or stealing from other players or by renting for their already existing properties. The 110 card deck represent wild cards and properties, monopoly money denominations used to pay rent and some special action cards which can be banked as money or played for their effects.

Card Games Crazy eights @TheRoyaleIndia

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Crazy eights game: Little older kids in your party would love to play this game. A 2 or more player game, Crazy eights game commences with the dealing of 5 cards to each player. The game starts with the putting of a card by the first player that would match the face-up the card by either number or suite. In this game, eights are considered as wild cards and can be played over any card. When one plays eight then he says ‘Suits are now jacks’. Players then have to play the jack or pick a card or set of cards. The one who is first to get rid of all cards will be marked as the winner.

Go Fish Game: To collect a set of 4 cards is the objective of this game. By asking them on the other player on their turn, players collect cards. If you are to ask for a card you must have a card of that rank with you. You would be eligible to play one more turn if you receive the card. If the requested card by you is not available with the other player then you would be told to ‘Go Fish’. In such a case you have to take 4 cards from the top of the pile and add into your set. On such a move the cards from pile get discarded and one who gets rid of all cards wins the game.

Snap Game: Though this is a good game for 2 players you can also play with more players accepting the fact that the cards may not be distributed evenly. The Snap Game teaches the skill of alertness to the players. At the starting of the game, the cards are distributed among the players. The game starts with the putting of one card from the stack of each player to the centre of the playing table. If there are two consecutive cards that are identical then the players would shout ‘SNAP’ and put their hand over the centre pile. The one to do this first would place it at the bottom of his deck. The winner is one who acquires the entire deck.

Card Games 31 @TheRoyaleIndia

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31 Game: An easy game to play with friends and family and with kids as well, 31 demands basic eligibility in maths as it requires the addition of numbers till 31. Not less than 3 players could play this game. The game will be played with 3 cards face down and the rest of them will be at the centre of the table. The players are only allowed to look at their cards. The aim of the game is to score 31 and the one who does so will be declared as the winner. This they could do by picking up a card from the pile and simply discarding one from your hand.

These fun card games are fun to play as well as educational and suitable for players of all ages. They are easy to learn and can be played by players of any age group for time pass or enjoyment at parties. And if you love playing cards on a professional level too, try out these gaming console offers

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