A Crazy Weekend at the 16th MFF – Mumbai Film Festival

October 20, 2014 A Crazy Weekend at the 16th MFF - Mumbai Film Festival @TheRoyaleIndia 811 0 0

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There are movies, and then there are movies that touch your soul. Entertainment for me is not limited to laughter or thrills but it is the intensity of the subject that drives me towards movies; the portrayal of reality is entertainment; the understanding of emotions through this medium is entertainment for me. By reading this if you feel bored I advice you not to read ahead. There’s no masala here.

The 16th Mumbai Film Festival has reached its second-last day. I got a chance to catch up with the fest on Saturday and Sunday; amazingly I ended up finishing 8 movies over the weekend. And frankly am still wondering why the hell did I come to office today ;).

To list down the movies by rating them would really be unjust. I am going to list the best of the best. (PLEASE NOTE: I was not alone and my office colleague Tanweer (who by the way is also a Movie Maniac) accompanied me in the movie marathon.

Two Days, One Night

Language: French

two days one night mumbai film festival @TheRoyaleIndia

The initial 15 minutes of the movie was enough for me to get fixed with ‘Sandra’ portrayed by Marion Cotillard. The Plot – Sandra has just discovered that her colleagues have opted for a Bonus in exchange of her being removed from the company. She has just 7 days to convince her colleagues to give up on the bonus and let her keep the job.

The movie brilliantly expresses the emotions of a middle class Belgian mother trying hard to keep up with the disastrous situation. The initial conversation of Sandra and one of her colleagues over the phone was brilliantly put up. Kudos to Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne – The directors of the movie.


Language: Marathi

nagrik 2014 @TheRoyaleIndia

Marathi movies have come a long way indeed. The 90’s gave the traditional Marathi crowd some of the best comedy movies. Marathi movies were at a peak then. The next phase of movies weren’t as strong and they soon plummeted to a new low. However, the modern Marathi movies — Shwas, Vihir, Dombivali Fast – to name a few have given us a treat so as to say.

Nagrik is one such treat directed by Jayprad Desai. The plot – The movie expresses a common man’s perception towards the vile of politics that he faces. Sachin Khedekar has given an impeccable performance as a genuine reporter of a daily newspaper ‘Nagrik’; while he tries to expose a political conspiracy he comes in terms with the real world of hypocrisy and sham. Make note, this is Jayprad’s first feature film – his work is commendable. The editing of the movie is at a different level altogether. Gorakshanath the editor – is still studying at the FTI.


Language: UK English

pride 2014 @TheRoyaleIndia

Pride is based on a true story that took place in the 1980’s in the U.K. The Plot – Gay activists in the U.K decide to help the miners during the long strike. The miners however feel offended and feel ashamed of the very fact as the so called “third gender” stands up for them. The movie beautifully explores the problems faced by the Lesbian and Gay community and how they stand-up for not being accepted in the society.

Coming Home (Gui Lai)

Language: Chinese

coming home gui lai @TheRoyaleIndia

One does not require language to understand films; one needs to have emotions to feel the message. Coming Home is a masterpiece directed by Yimou Zhang and it exceptionally gives us the message of pure love. Make note: By pure love I don’t mean the traditional outlook towards the concept of love and being together. Please !!! No!!! You’ve got to watch the movie to find that out.

The plot – Lu (the husband) is arrested and forced to stay at a Labour Camp as a political prisoner. Feng (the wife) is separated from her husband for almost 20 years. As soon as the Cultural Revolution ends, Lu returns after 2 decades to find out that Feng is diagnosed with Psychogenic Amnesia and she no more remembers things naturally. The horror worsens when she fails to recognize her husband.

I was gripped to the plot all the way with Lu’s devotion in trying to make the most of the dreadful situation and Feng’s wait for her lost husband. Feng spends the rest of her life waiting for Lu, while Lu spends time with Feng as a stranger and a helper.

Hands down aces for the depiction of the situation and subtleness of Lu to be with Feng the way she is. My favourite scene – Lu plays an old song on the Piano trying to trigger Feng’s memory. For a moment she almost recognizes him; however the memory soon dies. I was speechless after this.

KILLA (The Fort)

Language: Marathi

killa @TheRoyaleIndia

I have a tendency to save the best for the last. Yes, all the aforementioned movies are classics for me already. However, if I was to name one movie it would be “Killa” – the classic of classics. Every area scores a thumbs-up for this. The script, the direction, the editing, the cinematography, and to top it off; the cast– Hands Down Aces all the way.

To start offKilla has already won the Crystal Bear for the Best Film at the 64th Berlin Film Festival. Kudos to Avinash Arun – the director of the movie has done a splendid job with the script. The Plot –Chinmay (11 year old boy) moves to a new locality with his Mother. Coping with the loss of his father; it becomes harder for Chinmay (portrayed by Archit Deodhar) to get acquainted with the surroundings. The family struggles but somehow manages to find its feet and tries to adjust with the difficulties.

I was awe-struck with the irony of the opening and the closing few minutes of the film and those were the best moments for me. The film boasts of powerful performances by all the actors, but I’d specially like to mention Parth Bhalerao who plays the role of ‘Bandya’. He lights up the screen every time he appears. Avinash Arun thank you for this spectacular movie!!!

I could go on and on with this but I have to remind myself – ‘this is an article, not a novel.’ I had a blast watching all these movies and I hope you all get a chance to watch these as well. To conclude the amazing weekend I had I have a new proposal to organizations – “No CLs, No PLs, Please give us “MOVIE LEAVES

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