9 Office Accessories to Brighten Up Your Work Hours

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Colours can works wonders by lifting up your our moods. And we all love to decorate our home with colourful and attractive things! But, the fact is, we spend more time in the office than at home. Spending the entire day at office can really get boring. So, why not add colourful accessories and deck up your work desk to make your monotonous work routine interesting, delightful and boost your productivity. Yes, these accessories can add life to your work mood.

Life looks beautiful when there are beautiful things around you. Invest in some of these cool accessories to surround yourself with liveliness. This will definitely add to your work atmosphere and increase your productivity. Try out these interesting accessories listed below to decorate your work desk and make the atmosphere fun and joyful.

1. Flaunt your Persona with a Customized Mug

Mugs are a must have accessory in your cubical. The long stressful office hours need adequate coffee breaks to get rid of the mental stress and to recharge you. How about a mug with your family picture printed on it? Or may be a mug with your zodiac sign on it? If your colleague or boss walk by and happen to notice and compliment your mug, it will definitely bring a smile on your face and refresh your mood.

So make your coffee breaks refreshing by bringing in your favourite mug.

2. Empathise with Emoji Coasters

Emoji is the best way to communicate your mood. These coasters work out just fine for corporate environment. The multiple emoji coasters will definitely spruce up your desk. This one definitely stands out to be one creative and classy piece of choice to show your distinct taste. This is a brilliant accessory and a perfect choice to gift to your colleagues or your loved ones. Place your coffee mug on the coasters to keep your table tidy with no spills and no rings. Let your emoji coasters convey how snazzy you are!

3. Add Colour with Creative Organisers

A colourful desk can make you energetic. Add a colourful wall mount organiser for all your gismo collection to appear classy and vibrant. It makes you more systematic in organising not only the desk but your routine too. Get lovely collections of zebra-patterned paper clips, blue staplers, colourful filing folders etc. to stock up more of the office supplies and make your work place more attractive. Designer pen or pencil holders also add a lot elegance and creativity to your desk. Get creative and choose your favourite organiser.

4. Linger your Memories with Personalised Mouse Pads

Order a personalised mouse pad online to match up your taste. A perfect family picture or a beautiful picture of your loved one printed on the mouse pad can be a great reminder of all the happy times. Even a personalised text from your closed one can be printed on the mouse pad. This will not only brighten up your work desk but your mood too.

Moreover, they look classy and artistic, no matter what your choice. You can also flaunt your creative streaks by simply spraying some paint on the normal mouse pad. Viola! There you have your own creative colourful mouse pad.

5. Stylish Designer Mouse

A designer mouse is a stylish and innovative accessory to groom up your desk. This designer mouse is available in vivid themes to match up your style and aura. Colourful printed theme, floral theme, artistic theme, animal printed theme, love theme etc. are some the famous themes for the wireless mouse which can be personally customised further. The unique designs of the mouse are attractive and give a different touch altogether.

6. Designer Pen drives

Designer pen drives are super cool and worth flaunting. This little accessory is budget friendly and super trendy. Cartoon characters, jewellery designs, transformer designs are some of the ideas behind custom pen drives and they are amazingly adorable. They look extremely fashionable and unique, available in different shapes and sizes and easy to carry.

Have you already started searching for this super chic accessory?

7. Plan your day with a Planner Desk Calendar

Planner desk calendar is a perfect choice to pick to stylise your work place and organise your work schedule. While meetings eat up most of the time of your day at work, a planner calendar on your desk can rescue you by keeping a tab on these. Marking your calendar with important dates will definitely be a saviour to remind you about other work related activities as well. You will also remember to organise surprise birthday parties for your colleagues if you are able to remember their birthdays. It is also a stress buster to scribble with a favourite sketch colour to list out the day-to-day activities on the activity space of the calendar. There are extensive styles of planner desk calendars available in the market. Pick your favourite calendar to deck up the work station and plan your activities.

8. Start your day with Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes or ‘thought of the day’ on your desk will add a lot of positivity and help you grow professionally. Bring in those packages that come with a stack of cards or post-its. Pick one every day to boost yourself and post it somewhere on the desk which makes it apparent. Simpler option is to pen down your favourite quotes in colourful sketch pens on equally colourful chits and put them in a glass bowl to pick one each day.

Did you already pick your favourite quote to jot down with those lovely sketch pens?

9. Hang on the Wall Décor

Wall décors are an awesome way to decorate your cubicle. Frame your favourite photographs with your loved ones or the pictures of your dream destination to motivate you to work harder so you can go there sooner. Hanging an article about your company or your team on the cubic walls can give a professional touch and up your morale. No matter what taste you prefer, the pictures or the wording on the cubic walls can definitely look striking and stunning with wall decors.

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