9 Must Have Essentials for Your Baby’s Safe and Happy Childhood

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Babies are the most wonderful gift by God. When you have a baby at home you need no other excuse to be happy and gay throughout the day. Your house remains lively throughout the time when you have your baby laughing and giggling at every small thing happening in & around. You tend to forget every tension with a single bright smile from your baby. Being a parent, it is your duty to always protect that smile from any pain or discomfort while they are at home or even outside.

When you have a baby at home you need to be extra careful regarding everything that might harm them. Unnoticed sometimes they even get hurt or do something that may be bad or harmful for them. Here is a list of few very essential things that you must have at your home when you have a baby around.

1. Humidifier

Baby Care Humidifier

Source – diffuserexpert.com

When babies are in the womb, they remain in a very warm and cosy atmosphere. This is the reason why we should also work to keep them equally cosy when they are out of the womb. When they suddenly hit the outside temperature they tend to catch a cold easily. It becomes most troublesome to keep them in good health if they catch a cold once. A humidifier is of great help in such a situation as it helps the baby to ease breathing and they can comfortably breathe while in cold.

2. Thumb Sucking Prevention Treatment

Baby Care Thumb Sucking Prevention

Source – besprod.com

Most babies have a very bad habit of sucking their thumb. They might be doing it unintentionally but with the passage of time it becomes a very bad habit which you cannot make them leave easily. When there is such a baby around at home, Thumb sucking prevention treatment is a must-have. This is a silicon cover that fits well onto the baby’s thumb and creates a barrier between the thumb and the mouth. The vacuum created while sucking creates a discomfort and slowly the baby leaves the bad habit of thumb sucking gradually.

3. Nail Biting Prevention Treatment

Baby Care Nail Biting Prevention

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Another most noted habit of babies is the habit of biting their nails often. This is equally dangerous and creates dreadful consequences in children that tend to be long-lasting. So a nail-biting prevention method is necessary when your baby is prone to nail-biting as a habit.

4. Digital Thermometer

Baby Care Digital Thermometer

Source – essentialbaby.com

Babies are more prone to illness and they have a very weak immune system. Parents have to keep this thing in mind. It is very common for babies to catch a cold and have fever at any point of time without a prior notice. Having a Digital thermometer handy when you have a baby at home is a wise step. With it, you would be able to very quickly detect the temperature and provide medicines on time to control the ailment.

5. Ear & Nasal Care

Baby Care Ear and Nasal Care

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Many times, it happens that while bathing, kids tend to jump and move so much that water inevitably enters their ears. While they might not feel it at that moment, eventually, the pain in their ears would not let them sleep or stay calm. When they catch a cold too, a blocked nose makes them irritated and they can’t sleep throughout the night as breathing becomes difficult. In such situations, an ear and nasal care gear are very helpful to sooth the baby through clearing the blockage.

6. Painkillers & Other essential Medicines

Baby Care Medicines

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Playing and getting hurt is a very common aspect of childhood. So, there is a baby around at home, it is inevitable that they would play and get hurt more often than not. Some very common medicines like pain killers, Ibuprofen, stomach pain reliever, Digestive enzymes are required to be kept handy to combat any emergency circumstances.

7. Nail Clippers

Baby Care Nail Clippers

Source – cdn.co

Babies tend to grow their nails very fast and when these nails are kept uncut and growing then they tend to adhere to bad habits like nail biting or they may have dirt accumulated in them which in turn may even cause dangerous stomach infections. Here, the thing that is most essential is a nail clipper. Kids have very soft nails and delicate and small fingers which require special clippers for utmost care while cutting their nails.

8. Video Monitor

Baby Care Baby Monitor

Source – babymonitorninja.com

A baby monitor is one of the essential gears that you should have in your home when you allow your baby sleep all alone in a room with the doors shut. It is one gadget that helps you keep an eye out on your baby when he/she is asleep alone in the other room.

9. Edge Guard

Baby Care Edge Guards

Source – hstatic.net

Running here & there at full speed is one of the unavoidable traits in babies that make them prone to many accidents, whether small or big, at home. Most often they get hurt due to tables or other furniture that have sharp or pointed corners. These edged corners are utterly dangerous and could be the reason of terrible accidents in just seconds. To have the option to block these edges is one of the best methods to avoid accidental injury when you have naughty kids at home. Edge guards are most helpful in such situations, which you can clip into pointed corners to save your kid from getting hurt.

Kids can neither think nor do things as we parents and elders do. So, it is the duty of the parents here to think further and keep things handy with them that could give their babies the utmost care and fastest relief at times when they really need you by their side looking.

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