9 Famous Cafes in India You Should Visit at Least Once

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India has always had a vibrant culture of people meeting and discussing over hookahs, drinks, gambling houses and the like. The arrival of coffee has continued and modified the earlier culture in new ways with new implications. The entry of brands and other smaller entrepreneurs brought in new opportunities even as they became landmarks in their own right across the cities and towns they thrive in. The local and the foreign vie with each other to woo their customers. Now the cafes can be singled out by their ebullient and inviting names that are matched only by the variety and the delicacies they serve with the flair for names that range from the exotic to the downright perky. Visitors to these cafes come from a cross section of Indian society – from the aristocratic to upstart.

Here are few cafes that you must visit once in your lifetime:

1. Literati Calangute, Bardez, Goa

What comes to your mind when you hear about Goa? Beach, Beer, Booze? Well, how about adding one more ‘B’ to the list! Literati invites you to bond with like-minded connoisseurs of taste and bibliophiles—read books or buy them when you visit the cafe. Sipping on hot coffee to accompany sandwiches and other delights, you can explore the book on your own, “sailing over seas of thought, alone” as Wordsworth would say, join in a discussion with your peers. Both ways, you step out of the rut and strike out you own intellectual path—“the road not taken”! Step into Literati on your next visit, and reinvent Goa for yourself—and others.

literati @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credits: http://storypourri.blogspot.in/

2. Hendrik Cafe, GS Road, Guwahati

Home to budding rock stars, Hendrick cafe is as unique as the person from whom it gets its name! This energetic and exuberant cafe in Guwahati is a perfect blend of modish ambience and the best food and wine coupled with some amazing music. Founded by some enthusiastic music lovers, this place is fast becoming the mecca of budding music stars who are welcomed to perform. So, if Guwahati is where you are planning your next trip to, don’t forget to spend some good time at Hendrik Cafe, GS Road, Guwahati—the cafe where the established and emerging share centerstage.

Hendrik @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credits: nelive.in

Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad

Seva Cafe near Ahmadabad is unique in every sense. Run exclusively by volunteers, this cafe works for the welfare of the people. Here is a unique opportunity to show your generosity and social concern. There is no fixed bill that you need to pay—you can pay for people who will dine after you. There is no amount fixed. All the money that is earned goes to charity and social causes. The cafe is frequently visited by tourists who enjoy the ambience, the simple yet delicious food along with some ‘seva’, which is the ultimate motto of this unique cafe. What better way to show your cultivated taste and commitment to society?

Sevacafe @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credits: manavsadhna.org

4. Honey Hut Cafe, Shimla

If you are passing by the Mall at Shimla, don’t forget to stop by Honey Hut Cafe. As the name promises, honey is at the heart of every dish. The taste, the texture, and tint in honey are the stuff of romance, love, and delight. Let this permeate your experience in the city at the foothills of the Himalayas, and experience to match their unrivalled height. Yes, the owners what to share with you the benefits of this divine madhu, the drink of the Gods. This cafe is famous for its unique menu. Every dish that is prepared in this cafe is with honey. The name sounds rustic in the best sense—it offers benefits that are robust, remarkable, and memorable.

Honey hat cafe @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credits: tripadvisor.in

5. Hot Stimulating Cafe, Darjeeling

The Queen of Hill Stations offers unparalleled stimulation to your taste and thought. Famous for its momos and masala chai, nestling in the majesty of the Himalayas, here is a cafe that makes everything alive and amazing. With Bob Marley in the background and your chai and momos to spice life up, you have the complete experience in every sense—pun intend the. The owners live up to the name by their inventiveness and experience. A perfect blend of pristine beauty, good food and soul stirring music, is what Hot Stimulating Cafe offers you. This is one holistic experience that you should not miss.

stimulating cafe @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credits: nyainswe.files.wordpress.com

6. Mrs Magpie, Gariahat, Kolkata

In Kolkatta, Mrs Magpie has accumulated delicacies for you from various places and times. Visit with your Family and kids for a wholesome experience that will delight your eyes with designs and delights. It is kaleidoscope of variety that has something for everybody—the kids can lose themselves in the squealing of pretty pigs, angry birds—even penguins— and elephants, all surrounded by roses, and beautiful paintings on the walls, all themed to spoil you with excess. Don’t forget to grab the cupcakes that adorn all the tables. If foodies are to be believed, this place houses some of the best cupcakes you can have in and around the massive and magnificent city.

magpie @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credits: zomato

7. Social Offline, Lower Parel, Mumbai

How cool is a cafe that offers you an ambience to work, and party hard under the same roof? Designed by Riyaaz Amlani, this most happening of places is one of the best loved hangouts for the working people. Social Offline basks on the blend of unconventional yet hugely comfortable sitting arrangement, along with sumptuous delicacies with uncommon names. Don’t forget the Longest Long Island Ice Tea on your visit!

Social @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credits: coworker.imgix.net

8. Shiva Cafe, McleodGanj

What better than a cafe that heartily welcomes you after few kilometers of trekking? The Shiva Cafe at McleodGanj does exactly that. Nestled amidst lush greenery and a beautiful waterfall, this cafe is a paradise of tourists who are trekking in McleodGanj. Shiva is, as the name suggest, the Delightful One, and at His feet, we serve you some inspired hot fresh brewed coffee and some mouthwatering snacks to refresh you. With a breathtaking view, this cafe is one of its kinds in the Himalayas.

Shiva Cafe @TheRoyaleIndia

9. Farzi Cafe, Gurgaon

Farzi Cafe in Gurgaon is all about fun with food accompanied by some great music. With an awe-inspiring contemporary decor, this place is a magical haven of food and fun. Now why do we say so ? That’s because the food you order and the food that is being served is different, yet the same. Confused? Well, for example, you order honey chilli baby corn, you may be served, apparently whimsically, cutlets—but cutlets that will strangely taste exactly what you had ordered for in the first place (honey chilli baby corns). How is that possible? Well, check that out for yourself with a leisurely visit to Farzi Cafe at Cyber City, Gurgaon. The idiosyncratic and the innovative synergise to serve you the best experience.

Image Credits : liveinstyle.com

Farzi cafe @TheRoyaleIndia

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