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The summer Gods have shined upon us again. With lemonades flowing as much as lemon colored dresses, everybody is coming up with their own way to deal with the sweltering summer! Chia Seeds and water infused with the goodness of basil are all very old-school but there is hardly anybody who can avoid the soothing magic of Ice-cream in this heat! Are you set to give a different twist to your favourite dessert this year? Let’s beat the heat by trying out these different variations of ice-cream:

1) The nutritional goodness of Fruit and Ice-cream!

Innovative Ice cream Fruits and Ice-cream @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – pixabay.coms

Trying to put a healthy twist to everything you consume? Well, here is a way to reduce the guilt factor a little! Mix your ice-cream with bananas, strawberries, kiwi, and add your favourite topping on it. The dish will end up looking like a canvas with hues of greens, reds and yellows enhancing the quality of your favourite ice-cream. Needless to mention, that it is a pure delight to have!

2) Magic of Hot Chocolate coupled with the cold Ice-cream.

Innovative Ice-cream Hot Chocolate @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – pixabay.com

Nothing beats the hot molten lava like chocolate sauce creating patterns on a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. You can not only put cakes and cookies as toppings but also add some chocolate chips for extra goodness! After all, nobody can have enough of chocolate, ever.

3) A nutty crunch with the coolness!

Innovative Ice-cream Nutty Crunch @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – pixabay.com

This dessert is an all time favourite and is super packed with nutrition as well. Take your favourite flavour of ice-cream and simply add a nutty crunch to it. Take your favourite nuts and add them on top. You can also top it all with your favourite spread. Add a little strawberry sauce, or butterscotch syrup or the good ol’ chocolate syrup and your have yourself a nutty bite at every layer.

4) Twirling it on the tongue with Spaghetti ice-cream!

Innovative Ice-cream Spaghetti Icecream @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – yelpcdn.com

Also known as Spaghettieis, this is one of the best modifications of ice-cream done by the Germans. Any flavour of ice-cream is extruded through a Spatzle Press and is made to look like a big bowl of spaghetti. There is no marinara or pesto to top it up, but your favourite toppings take the place of these sauces and make it quite a delightful experience!

5) Biscuits+Ice-cream= A revisit to childhood

Innovative Ice-cream Oreo Icecream @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – pixabay.com

Imagine two of your favourites coming together to become one unbeatable dessert! There is a reason why cookies and cream is such a sought after flavour in today’s times. All you have to do is take your favourite ice-cream and blend it with your favourite biscuits and cookies!

6) Frying it right!

Innovative Ice-cream Fried Icecream @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – wordpress.com

Fried Ice-Cream is basically just taking a breaded scoop and frying it so as to create a hard coat of crumbs around the still cold ice-cream inside. This can be done, pretty much with any flavour and has quite caught up as a trend lately. In fact, while we are on the topic- even cold stone ice-cream is quite a delicacy to try out this summer. It comes with various variations and ways to be made and you definitely deserve the whole experience of cooking an ice-cream.

7) Rolling in your favourite flavours!

Innovative Ice-cream Rolls @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – phoenixnewtimes.com

A speciality of Thailand- the ice cream roll trend has caught up and how! With processes like crystallization involved, you will literally savour each bite as it UNROLLS on your tongue slowly melting the flavour of your favourite ice-cream.

8) A melange of cake in a cup filled with ice-cream!

Innovative Ice-cream Cupcake Icecream @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – coldstonecreamery.com

Made in the moulds of cup-cakes, this is for people who detest the cream on top. The ice-cream can be blended with your favourite flavour and is then put in the cup cake mould. It is kept freezing and is literally like little bites of a flavoured heaven!

We are pretty sure there are many ways to experiment with ice-cream, but these combinations are our top pick. Let us know your favourite flavours and combinations- let’s make this summer as icy and creamy as possible!

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