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Wedding Day — the day she wants nothing but to put up her best appearance. After much deliberation, planning and anticipation arrives the day in a girl’s life where she wishes all eyes behold her beauty. YES! The day of her wedding; that she is a bride and a cynosure of all eyes. The excitement and stress to begin a new life with a new set of people however can take a toll on skin and health. The wedding dress that won’t fit a day prior and that pesky pimple out of nowhere are the worst nightmares to have.


Plan well ahead of your wedding date; Start your work out and diet combinations at least 30 days prior as it takes time for the body and skin to rejuvenate itself and to see the results. Prepare a realistic guideline which is achievable and adjusted around your work timings.


Adopt the magic mantra “Breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess and dinner like a pauper”.

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Eating a full high protein healthy breakfast keeps you charged throughout the day. The other meal portions in the day should gradually be leaner and taken at frequent intervals. Smaller portions help in easy digestion and also increase body metabolic rate that help you lose flab.

Must include in the Diet

  • Good source of protein-Eggs, fresh water fish, yogurt, lean meat, poultry, tofu, soya bean, nuts

  • High fiber food – cornflakes, bananas, salads

  • Vitamin C- citrus fruits, amlaa, tomato, broccoli

Ditch Caffeine, Sugar and Processed Food

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Caffeine, Processed food causes skin dullness, dark circles and puffy eyes. It makes you fatigued and thirsty due to its high preservative and salt content. Refined sugar is difficult to digest and overloads the digestive system with unnecessary calories. Replace sugar with honey, jaggery, dates and sugar free sweeteners.


Do not starve your body of essential fats and carbohydrates as they are the major energy suppliers and regulate blood sugar levels.

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Include dairy products like milk, cheese in moderation as also oil, ghee and butter as they are important source of fat to keep the skin and hair supple. Aim is to get rid of the fat and sugar in your diet, not the nutrients which you need.

Avoid -Junk food, Alcohol, refined flour and sugars these are difficult to digest and cause great damage to the skin, hair and digestive system as well.

Become a Water Baby

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It’s never enough to stress the importance of drinking water for a glowing skin and lean body. Start the day with lukewarm water and dash of lime as it aids digestion. Maintain adequate hydration by drinking at least 3 liters or eight glasses of water daily.

Improve the elasticity of your skin and make it supple by drinking fresh fruit juices, buttermilk, and lime juice.

Avoid-Cold water, Diet colas and sweetened syrups, limit caffeinated beverages as they contain empty calories and zero nutritional value.

Supplements are Essential

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Your body requires its dose of vitamins, calcium and minerals for optimal functioning. Vitamin deficiency is known to cause patchy skin, brittle nails, hairfall and hair breakage. Include multi vitamins and calcium supplement so you can follow the other diet plan with worrying about missing on the essential nutrients.

Go Nuts

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While you are on the go be it the wedding shopping or the long makeup and accessory trial sessions always carry dry fruits and nuts to snack on. Dried nuts are a power house of energy, proteins and minerals. Almonds, walnuts, raisin and dates are a healthier pick.

Say No to Alcohol and Smoking

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However tempting it may seem to indulge in pre wedding celebrations staying away from alcohol and smoking is the best thing to do. A drink in moderation to raise to the occasion sounds nice but a hangover can put all your other diet efforts down the drain. Apart from the chronic long term effects of smoking and alcohol it can also upset stomach and dehydrate you out.

Pre wedding diet plan @TheRoyaleIndia

Stay motivated

As much as it is important to plan a diet so is it to stay determined to stick to the plan. Imagine yourself looking pretty and receiving compliments for your healthy skin and toned body as a bride. Keep up the spirits by reminding the benefits of controlling your urge to give in to food cravings.

A combination of exercise, brisk walks, Skin and hair cleansing regimen is must to support the dietary changes. Purpose of the dietary changes is to look beautiful and toned without feeling exhausted and tired. These tips can help you face your D-day with absolute aplomb.

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