8 Plus Size Fashion bloggers to follow who will give you major fashion goals in 2018

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We women go through a lot of phases in life. The two phases which directly take a toll on the body shape are ‘post-marriage’ and ‘post-childbirth’. Crazy hormones go totally out of control resulting in oodles of fat on the waistline. Most of the plus-sized women get frustrated searching for the right fitting clothes for their figure. Say goodbye to the frustrating brands which have no clothes to fit your body shape. The good news is the Plus-size fashion stores which are coming up everywhere, to help you find your favourite dream clothes. Shop the perfect wear to flaunt your chubby and cuddly body. This helps you stay updated regarding fashion and style and boosts up your confidence to a great extent.

Chubby girls and curvy models look more godly and angelic with the natural curves. Do you want to see them? Check out the below list of Plus-size fashion bloggers. They are sure to inspire you and give you major fashion goals.

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1. AashnaBhagwani – She is a plus-size fashion blogger and a travel blogger. She is one of the inspiring ladies with amazing curvy fashion and lifestyle sense. Her fashion blog ‘Beyond That Bouffant’ explains on breaking stereotypes of plus size fashion. She also motivates others to come out of their comfort zone to explore the latest fashion style. She strongly insists on ‘accepting body positivity’ and says that all sizes and shapes are good. Her fashion styles and beauty products are definitely worth a steal. Some of personal favourite fashion statement includes a leather jacket and metallic watches or Luxury watches.

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2. Aarthi Oliver Dubey – Aarthi is a Singapore-Indian, a plus-size body positive fashion writer who proudly flaunts her curves in style. Her fashion blog ‘Curves Become Her’ is a complete body hate free zone which gives some amazing plus size fashion tips. She also encourages female empowerment and promotes body positivity for a healthy mind and soul. Her fashion blog is sure to motivate you to dress up and flaunt, regardless of whatever size you are. Aarthi Oliver’s style statement includes colourful outfits and solid prints paired perfectly with bewitching accessories.

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3. Ragini – A curvy fashion blogger, Ragini is someone who doesn’t care much about the idea of ‘flattering clothes’. ‘A curious Fancy’ is her creative curvy fashion blog in which she puts every bit of her heart and soul. She strongly believes in living the life to fullest, by wearing what you want and without really caring about others say. She has been published in Marie Claire India and Rookie. If you are looking for adorable, waggish, vintage fashion style and if you want to try her unique fashion and beauty DIYs – Visit her blog right away.


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4. Tanesha Awasthi – TaneshaAwashi is a curly and curvy fashion blogger who founded ‘Girl with curves’. She strongly believes that every woman deserves to look and feel gorgeous, regardless of their size and shape. Her fashion blog covers everything from style tips, trends, beauty advice, wellness and parenting tips. She also addresses problems like body image, self-esteem, motherhood, the right colour of lip shade for your skin tone, etc. Her main goal is to inspire unapologetic confidence and to thrash the weight guilt down the drain.

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5. Sindhu Nadig – She is a fashion marketing professional who initially started off her career with Bangalore fashion week and then started working with major fashion brands. She is now a part-time lifestyle and fashion blogger. Her creative fashion blog world ‘A Size Apart’ reflects on her ingenious fashion style and never-ending love for updating trends. She says that girls should not let their shape or size, rule their wardrobe. She is often over-dressed and strictly stays away from mediocrity. It is definitely worth to take time and read her blog for some interesting fashion tips and accessory picks.


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6. ReenetaDutta Co-founder of ‘Glam Shutter’ fashion and lifestyle blog, ReenetaDutta rapidly excelling and achieving in the fashion industry. She says, ‘Be a proton and stay positive’. She usually keeps her fashion simple but yet elegant and stylish. Her blog readers also get to know the honest reviews about the beauty products which she uses. Her Instagram bio is sure to impress you with her confidence and chic fashion style. Well, she definitely asks you not give a damn for useless taunts and asks to enjoy each and every minute of precious life.

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7. Amena Azeez – She is a fashion designer by profession but currently a full-time lifestyle and beauty blogger. ‘Fashionopolis’ is her artistic fashion blog which displays her love for lifestyle, fashion, arts, literature, and aesthetics. She also calls her blog a fashion city entwined with love and knowledge of the style. She says fashion is for all ages and for all people with all sizes and shapes. To explore and get a glimpse of street-fashion, DIY tips, and pointers, latest trends and industry news, visit ‘Fashionopolis’ right away.

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8. Beepsa Biswas – Though Beepsa is basically a photographer, she is also a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is based in Kolkata and started writing blogs as a hobby while she was studying in the year 2014. Later, her fashion blog ‘Indian Curvy Chic’ or ‘beepsabiswas.com’ became her passion. Beepsa loves the art of mix and match and is sure to make you follow her style. She also masters the art of DIY fashion tips and skin care regimen. No matter what she wears, her confidence makes her look like a true fashion diva. If you are curious to steal her style tips, check her Instagram bio.


We are sure the above fashion bloggers have inspired you all. But, keep in mind to love your body and embrace your curves. The true fashion comes when you are comfortable and happy in what you wear. Do not let the size or shape decide your fashion boundaries. Try whatever you want to and flaunt it with utmost poise. You will be surprised by the number of compliments you will be showered with. By the end of the day, all that matters is good health, mind and body.

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