8 Fun Facts From Around the World

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The world has 196 countries, each with unique cultures, values, traditions and constitutions. Some of the countries are famous for their whacky and strange traditions, while other countries are well known for certain simple, yet, fun facts. Here, in this blog, we scour some fun facts from across the globe, which are funny, interesting and bizarre too. Read them to de-stress yourself.

How about renting a hot guy to wipe off your tears?

A company in Japan does this work for you. Ikemeso Danshi in Tokyo, helps you in hiring a handsome guy to swab your tears while you watch a sombre movie. Hiroki Terai started this company with the thought that crying with a consoling soul can be a healing in disguise. This strange service was a hit amongst people and they felt much better after a good cry.

Ikemeso Danshi also published a book called Rui-katsu, which can be translated as ‘tear seeking’ in English, with photographs of crying male models.

Can you imagine marrying a dead corpse?

Yes, marrying a dead person or a posthumous marriage is legal in France. The French government started this practice in 1950s during the First World War; where in the grieving fiancés of the late soldiers would marry their departed lovers. A person opting for the posthumous marriage should provide convincing evidence to the French government and seek permission from the country’s president. The simple wedding ceremony has the grieving fiancée who stands beside the deceased photograph and “till death do us part” is phrased out from the vows. However, inheriting the deceased property is not legalised.

Have you ever followed a baby naming law?

The Denmark Government gives an approved list of 7000 baby names every year. The citizens of Denmark should select the names for their babies with in the approved list and cannot name anything outside the list. Denmark has stringent naming rules and parents need approval from the government before finalising the name. The reason behind the rule is to avoid the embarrassing and offensive names. As per the rules, the name should signify the baby’s gender with no surname character and follow ‘Danish Orthography’ which says the name cannot have a letter consecutively for three times.

How about a Mickey Mouse coin?

Niue is a small remote island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with just 1600residents. This island has Disney characters printed on the currency coins which serves as the real deal. The series of gold and silver coins feature some of the famous Disney characters printed on it and the reverse side has the face of the Queen Elizabeth. The Mickey Mouse coins, Minnie Mouse coins, Donald Duck coins etc. have become collector items across the world. The Niue has signed a bigger deal with the New Zealand Mint to print more of the new characters like Snow White, Cinderella etc.

Stinky apples for your lover, anyone?

In 19th century in rural Austria, young girls danced with a slice of an apple shoved under the armpit. By the end of the ball, when the music stops they gift this sweat soaked slice of apple to the most fascinating guy they love. If the guy likes the girl too, he accepts the stinky apple and takes a bite, as a token of mutual consent. That’s some challenge for Austrian guys, aint’t it?

Do you love chewing gum? Then be ready to swallow it too!

Singapore has stringent rules for chewing gum. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew believed that the chewing gums litter the roads and make them dirty and hence legally banned the chewing gums. Only the healing chewing gums are available in the local pharmacies, which will be sold strictly on doctor’s prescription. Next time you visit Singapore make sure you do not spit the chewing gum, this can land you behind the iron bars.

Would you follow a calendar seven years behind time?

Ethiopia follows the seven years old calendar from the rest of the world. ‘The Coptic Orthodox Church’ the oldest church in the country still follows the traditional calendar. Hence, it is seven to eight years behind the Gregorian calendar. Ethiopians New Year ‘Enkutatash’ is known as the “gift of jewels” and is celebrated on September 12th. Next time, you visit this country make sure to book appointments as per the Ethiopian calendar!

Do you know a fattest country on Earth exist?

Nauru is one of the smallest islands in the world with a population of less than 10,000. It is also known as the fattest country in the world, with about 95% of the obese population. The tiny nation of island blamed on the western culture of fast foods and increased office based lifestyle. The most savoured food in Nauru is fried chicken and Cola. The country is slowly creating awareness of completely eradicating the obese epidemic.

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