8 Amazing Home Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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Home is not just simply a place, a construction of bricks and mortar, but a state of mind, an emotional experience that lies deep in the heart, refuge when you have to face the Big Bad World. At a simple, yet crucial level, a home is a home or makes a better one if it is clean, a little different from the trashy streets you have just left. Let us make this simple task of making a clean home a little easier for you with a few hacks.

1. Swab the ramparts and ceilings

Begin at the top, so the dust can settle when it is shake off. Clean the ceiling and the fans brushing dust and grime from these. A broomstick with a long handle and a mop will do the trick, low tech, perhaps, but effective, nonetheless. Now your vacuum cleaner comes into play to suck up and ‘vanish’ the offending dust. With an old cloth or sponge dipped in water, swipe the walls. Dishwasher gel or toothpaste for stubborn stains are excellent aids. Wait for a few minutes and swipe your way to a shining house.

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2. Light up the wooden furniture and your parquet floor

Clean the wooden floors with the wet mops and dry them completely. The beauty here is that you need to do this only once or twice a month. Wooden furniture should be wiped off clean with a milder solution of dish-wash soap, and water. To remove the tougher stains on the wood use a solution of 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water. To make the wood shine you simply use a solution of olive oil and white vinegar to polish off the wooden surface. This makes the wooden furniture all shiny and sparkling.

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3. Spruce up the kitchen cabinets and vessels

Your kitchen is the pulsating heart of your home that sustains life itself. Keeping it clean is a high-priority. But oily and greasy walls and windows are the bane of its walls and windows. Use liquid spray-cleaners for a cleaner kitchen. The kitchen sink needs hot soapy water to make it stain-free as well as odour-free. Soak dishes in hot water and dish-wash gel and clean them under running water. Kitchen cabinets, slabs and counterparts can be swiped with a wet cloth. To save your oven from rust, sprinkle some soda and white vinegar mixture at the bottom and wipe it with a soft sponge.

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4. Valet the beautiful curtains

Curtains are your rooms face to the outside world, yet are taken for granted, and neglected. They save you from the dust and the glare of the hot sun, even as they ensure privacy. Keep them spic and span with an upholstery brush or a vacuum cleaner. Or simply wash them. Unhooking them may be a chore, but the rewards are certainly something to show off to the world outside. Let the neighbours live up to our standards, if they can.

Curtain Cleaning @TheRoyaleIndia

5. Exonerate the surplus stuff

Food and other ingredients pile up in the kitchen in various places—cupboards, refrigerators, and the like. Expiry dates come and go, and this deadweight clogs our space. Adding to this junk are such things a plastic bags, old newspapers, sauce bottles, retired dolls and toys and other hoards that are in a seemingly endless wait for a purpose. Just pack them in some cartons and donate them. They will mean much to a poor person than they can ever mean to you. An underprivileged child will get a toy and the old newspapers can fetch a meal or a notebook for a street urchin, not to say some satisfaction for you.

6. Make the bathroom as neat as pin/squeaky clean

A bathroom is a room in its own right. Hygiene begins here in a major way and keeps the infectious germs at the bay. Rinse the shower nozzle in a plastic bag filled with white vinegar and let it stay overnight. Next morning remove the cover and run the water through the shower. Use bleaching powder or the tile spray to keep the grout and the bathroom tiles clean. Pour a cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl and the toilet brush is a magic wand to make it speck-less. Soak the washbasin with white vinegar or baking soda with a hot water mixture. Regularly sanitize the kitchen towels and clean the towel bars too.

Bathroom cleaning @TheRoyaleIndia

Image credits : janandocleaning.com

7. Deck up the bedroom

Make sure to wash the bedspreads, blankets, pillow covers and mattresses. You can either wash them in the washing machine with a disinfectant or even dry clean them. Use the vacuum on the bed to remove any dirt or dust accumulated over the ages. It is very useful to put them out to sun. Follow a routine to wash your sleeping accessories every week. The carpets in your bed room or living room can also be washed and dried completely—according to experts, 60% of theist in our rooms is human skin, shed at about 600,000 cells an hour. Arrange the clothes in your wardrobe to make more space and aesthetically appealing

8. Add some fragrance and life to your En Casa

It is always refreshing and soothing to have nice fragrances at home. Make your own natural air fresheners by heating some lemons or oranges on the hob. They not only smell divine but also eliminate the odour of the newly painted house. Bring in a dash of Nature in the form of shade-loving plants and fresh flowers to enliven room; they will add colour and pleasantness to the room. Fragrance and greenery boost up your energy and cheers you up—and hopefully have a knock-on effect as you share your cheer with others. Definitely a perfect way to welcome the season of spring!

Bedroom decor @TheRoyaleIndia

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Self-care tips while cleaning the house: Don’t forget yourself!

  1. Slip your hands into old socks to protect your nails from chipping off while cleaning any dusty surfaces

  2. Wear face masks while cleaning to protect yourself from dust allergy

  3. Wear shower caps while cleaning the ceilings to protect your hair from the dust

  4. Wrap around an apron to save your dress from stains

You can now survey your little idyllic world, safer and superb, with satisfaction and pride.

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