7 ways to master photography with your Mobile phones

September 1, 2014 7 ways to master photography with your Mobile phones @TheRoyaleIndia 1433 0 0

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Gone are those days where we used to struggle taking pictures with our mobile phones. This generation of affordable smart phones have taken mobile phone photography to a whole new level. With a few set parameters, amazing pictures can be obtained with your own smart phone cameras.

If you haven’t yet explored enough with your phone cameras, in the coming few months with all these festive season kicking in, you just follow a few simple steps mentioned below and you are way to go to get some beautiful pictures with your phone camera.

1. Explore your phone settings

camera phone mobile settings @TheRoyaleIndia

The settings to make your images look better are right there in your phone. Go through it thoroughly. Just like a DSLR camera now-a-days smart phone cameras come with a lot of in built setting. Choose the ones which are best suitable for your shot. Exposure value, ISO and white balance are some important ones. ISO and Exposure value comes very much in handy while taking photographs during the night time and also during outdoors. So before you step out to photograph anything, run through your setting first and then go ahead.

2. Any kind of light is a good source of light

any kind of light is a good source of light @TheRoyaleIndia

Window light, tube light, blub light, street light, assistive light etc. any type of light if good for photography. Always make sure that your subject is placed in good lighting condition. This will reduce 50% of your work. Unlike professional photography, slightest amount of light makes a big difference for mobile phone cameras. So always keep an eye on what is happening when you spot a good lighting condition. You never know you can get something very striking to click. Check for lighting condition especially while clicking pictures during an event indoors and also during night time.

3. Avoid flashing your subject

avoid flash and use ambient light @TheRoyaleIndia

Direct camera flash can ruin the shot with too much light on the subject and making the background dark and invisible. Raise your ISO and your exposure value, to let enough light come in and capture your shot. An ISO from 200 – 400 is recommended during day time and 800 – 3200 during the night. Also remember that during the day time when there is enough light, never use an extra light source and also keep you ISO low that is at 100 or 200. Try to capture the beauty of the subject in the ambient light itself. Keep a check on your ISO and exposure value while clicking outdoors at sunny and shade areas.

4. Get closer to your subject

get closer to the subject. @TheRoyaleIndia

Zooming feature in your phone can spoil your shot. At the same time do not commit the mistake of capturing images with tiny subjects by standing far off. Walk towards your subject and get closer as much as possible. This will not only give you a clear picture but you will also get a superfine image quality. You will find this tip very useful during outdoors events like the upcoming festivals of Ganesh Utsav, Navratri etc.

5. Follow Rule of thirds

rule of thirds @TheRoyaleIndia

Keep two vertical and two horizontal lines in mind and place your subject where the lines intersect each other. This is called the rule of thirds. This can be very helpful while clicking a crowd. Place the important element wisely in the frame to get a technically correct shot. Composing a picture with the rule of thirds is very important to follow while clicking landscapes, Nature, people and where there are too many subjects to click.

6. A steady hand for a good shot

steady hand selfie @TheRoyaleIndia

To avoid shaky and blurry images keep your hand still while clicking. This will give you sharp and clear images. Especially when you are not using your camera flash, and also during a low light condition a steady hand is very much recommended. Use both your hands to hold your mobile phone and to keep it still. A still hand is also a very important factor while clicking a selfie.

7. Get involved

an indian girl wearing traditional @TheRoyaleIndia

You have your camera in your pocket! So nothing should pull you away from going and getting involved in the event. No one is going to stop you as it’s just a mobile camera. Click the essence of the event by capturing the most unique moment. Try getting involved during the festivals like Ganpati Visarjan, Dandiya Raas etc. You are guaranteed to get mind blowing shots.

Experimenting is the key to get creative and keep learning at the same time. Creativity and the vision lies within you and a camera is just a medium which helps you take your creativity to another level. So this festive season, let you skills show up with these easy steps to master photography with your mobile phones.

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