7 Ways To Flaunt Your #Shoelove This Summer

April 22, 2015 7 Ways To Flaunt Your #Shoelove This Summer @TheRoyaleIndia 1118 0 0

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It’s rightly said, ‘shoe love is a woman’s true love’. A woman can never have enough shoes and there’s always space for more. Summers are even more a reason to buy your perfect pair of footwear for the season. Wear ability, comfort, elegance and style – what is it that you should choose for this weather? Flat forms, heels and flats- you surely do have a tough choice to make. We present to you the footwear trends for this season to assist you in your quest for the right one.

Classic flats

Flats Footwear @TheRoyaleIndia

Flats never go out of style. It is the most comfortable and useful pair that is a must have in your shoe collection. You can sport it in any season and for any occasion. What’s exciting this season is a more ornate version of the classic flats. Unusual colour combinations or stylish embellishments would add that spark to your classic flat pair. Strappy flat sandals are pretty much in vogue and are highly recommended for your collection.

Platforms / Flatforms

Flatform Shoes @TheRoyaleIndia

Flatforms are a trendy term used for flats with a platform. A chunky heeled pair will add the required height without adding the discomfort. It is extremely easy to wear them and they are versatile. You can wear these with any outfit in your wardrobe. Jeans, trousers, shorts or skirts; you can have just one awesome pair of Flatforms for all of these. However, avoid wearing these on overlong trousers or long skirts.


Sneakers @TheRoyaleIndia

The ‘Go-To shoes’ of the season – Sneakers, are chic and comfortable. This pair of footwear is especially for those days when you need to just glide around. You still would look ultra-cool in this amazing blend of comfort and luxury. Available in different colours and bold styles, choose the one that suits your personality. A pair of simple white sneakers would do the trick for you this hot summer.

Slip-on trainers

Slip-on Sneakers @TheRoyaleIndia

A major trend this season is slip-on trainers. It gives a lace-less convenience; incredibly comfortable and very stylish. You can practically live in them. Wear them on jeans or pair them with shorts and skirts, they are a perfect accessory for any outfit. Beat the heat by looking cool in this fabulous style.

Slip-on flat mules

Flat Mules @TheRoyaleIndia

You would never want to take your foot off this convenient and chic pair of flats. Wear it on jeans or trousers, for a formal or casual occasion and you never look short of a fashionista. This is an ideal summer style which is strikingly feminine. Exciting colours and styles make it a hotter trend this summer.

T-Strap Shoes

T-Strap Footwear @TheRoyaleIndia

Classy and glamorous, t-strap shoes is another timeless piece of footwear. You are spoilt for choices with colourful variations and stylish designs. Pair it with a nice evening gown or with a casual short trouser, you will steal the show by flaunting this innovative style.

Translucent Heels

Transparent Heels @TheRoyaleIndia

Delicate and subtle transparency of the heels will steal your heart away. You will look absolutely gorgeous with the offbeat and innovative designs that are offered by this style.

Thong Sandals, Unusual designs, Ankle Straps, Sporty designs, furry styles and many more. You have an infinite range of styles to choose from this 2015. Classic styles have been given a new look this season to make them better and hotter than ever. Choose your exquisite best friend for this summer and enjoy your moment in the sunshine.

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