7 myths about plus size fashion and styling tips to bust them

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Dimple Mehta from Inforstyle has shared a 7 myths of plus size fashion and how to bust them.

Do you love body the way it is? Do you love that little scar, the mole, your skin colour, and your flab? If you do, my friend, you’re body positive. Do you also love yourself enough to respect what your body needs? Then you’re body positive too.

Body positivity is a huge movement on social media today, and rightfully so. No human deserves to feel ashamed about how they appear naturally. And while people think body positive women are all fat women binging on pizza and leading unhealthy lifestyle, that’s not true. Those women aren’t body positive. They’re lazy. A body positive woman is someone who loves her body for what it is but respects it enough to keep it healthy. It’s a mindset that’s not based on appearances but on pure love and growth for oneself.

We’ve all heard that certain styles cannot work on plus size bodies and that’s a lie. Anyone can carry anything as long as they pair it right. Plus size women are no different. I’m not going to speak about body shapes or heights in this video. I’m just going to tell you how to rock every stereotypical myth.

  1. Crop tops – This is the topmost fashion no-no for a plus size woman sporting a bulge in the front, right? Wrong! You can pair a crop top with a high waist flared skirt. This will draw attention to the slimmest part of your waist and enhance your already curvy body.

  1. Fitted outfits – I’ve spoken to a lot of plus size women. They usually cover themselves in baggy clothes to hide their tummy, butt or thighs. That’s the worst thing you can do. The right way to wear a loose top/dress is to keep it short so it doesn’t look like a sac. But what’s even better is a well-fitted dress. Either a dress that has structure by itself or a flowy dress that’s cinched at the waist.

  1. High waist pants – The myth states that high waist pants will make your bulge stand out. The fact is, a high waist pant will hold your tummy in and add structure whereas a low waist one will end at an odd angle. I’ll show you the difference.

  1. Horizontal stripes – Horizontal stripes are said to make women look broader. Sure. But if worn right, they can look gorgeous too. It’s all about the width of the stripes. Thick stripes or stripes that have distance between them will look better. You can also add a solid colour to break the monotony at the slimmest part.

  1. High slits – This one’s just a scare for plus size women. How does one show off those wiggly thick thighs? Well, a slit paired with a high heel will create an illusion of longer legs and add extra inches making you look toned. A slit that’s a few inches above your knee is the best length. If you’re skeptical, you can wear stockings.

  1. Mini skirts – Mini skirts can look fabulous on plus size women. An a-line skirt or any flared skirt that flares gently out from the narrowest part of your waist looks best as it adds structure and grace.

  1. Bold patterns – They say that bold patterns over a plus size body make the body appear bigger. Well, I personally love bold prints. I like to pair them with a fitted skirt to add structure and break the monotony.

To be honest, if you have a bulge, you have a bulge. You know it and so does everyone. Don’t dress to hide it. Don’t dress according to myths. If you want to wear something, strike it off your bucket list. At the most, you won’t like it. But you’ll learn and grow. You’ll develop your sense of style. Stop caring about the world and start living for yourself.

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