7 Home Remedies for Bad Breath

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Bad breath or halitosis is a condition wherein a noticeable unpleasant odor is emanated in one’s exhaled breath. The reason for bad breath could be unhealthy dental habits or markings of underlying health problems. This is one condition where we don’t realize we have bad breath until someone tells/cringes when we speak. One way to know is by breathing into your handkerchief and taking a whiff.

This is a treatable condition, and few home remedies will offer relief until you make that all important appointment with the family dentist.

1. Baking soda

baking soda used for bad breath @TheRoyaleIndia

Baking soda is a mild abrasive and helps remove surface stains and plaque accumulation. This means, your teeth get a bit more shine and do not smell bad anymore. However, this must not be overused, as by the abrasive nature, it could harm the enamel and dentine.

2. Vegetables -Celery and carrots are good sources to keep the mouth plaque and bacteria free and keeping the mouth smelling fresh.

3. Herbs

herbs used to cure bad breath @TheRoyaleIndia

Herbs such as stinging nettle not only keep the toxins from the body away by purifying blood. It also improves the adrenal function that could keep the halitosis at bay.

    • Rinse your mouth and gargle with a couple of drops of wild oregano oil in water after cleaning your tongue which also has thymol – a main ingredient found in some mouthwashes.

    • Eating parsley would also cause your breath to stay fresh after a meal as it contains chlorophyll which is also a breath deodorizer.

    • Sipping juice with a mix of water cress and parsley also is a refreshing drink that also keeps your breath smelling fresh.

    • Gargling a mixture of Juice made out of equal proportions of sage, calendula and myrrh gum four times a day can be used as a mouthwash. This can also be stored tightly in a jar at room temperature.

    • Eating fresh mint leaves, or drinking a cup of mint tea will freshen up the breath instantly with their strong smell and cooling effect.

4. Spices

bad breath remedies @TheRoyaleIndia
      • Some spices such as fennel seeds chewed after a meal will not only help to alleviate indigestion but also sweeten the breath naturally by reducing acid reflux and burping.

      • Soaking a few Anise seeds in boiling water can be used as a mouth freshener .Just chewing on a few Anise seeds, keeps the mouth smelling fresh.

      • Chewing on a few pods of cloves, act as a good breath deodorizer due to its rich antibacterial eugenol.

      • Chewing on a small piece of the cinnamon stick or adding it to a cup of tea will help to keep the bad breath away. A concoction made of cinnamon in boiling water can be stored for a later use as a mouthwash.

      • Chewing on a pod of cardamom seeds can keep the breath smelling fresh by sweetening your breath. Drinking a cup of cardamom tea after a meal will also keep your breath smelling fresh.

      • Fresh coriander leaves chewed after a meal can keep your mouth smelling fresh. Eating some coriander seeds roasted with some salt eaten after a meal keeps your mouth smelling fresh.

5. Supplement with Zinc – One of the common causes of halitosis is deficiency of the mineral zinc. Foods such as cacao, pumpkin, gourd seeds rich in zinc help to improve the immunity and maintaining a bacteria free mouth and reduces the risk of halitosis.

6. Probiotics

bad breath home remedies @TheRoyaleIndia

7. Supplementing foods that are rich in probiotics like yogurt, kombucha tea and fermented sauerkraut not only reduce the toxins caused due to usage of antibiotics, but also help in eliminating bad breath. These days probiotic drinks are readily available in the market. However, homemade probiotics (Curd / yoghurt) are more advisable.

8. Apple cider vinegar

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Rinsing the mouth with diluted apple cider vinegar (add only as much water as you can tolerate vinegar in your mouth), before every meal improves the digestion and reduces the production of gas in your body which in-turn reduces foul smell from mouth.

If your bad-breath is cause by unhealthy dental practice, these remedies should offer you relief. And, it is time to consciously observe and change the habit that results in bad-breath. However, despite trying out these tips, if bad-breath persists, then it is time to take a complete dental heath check up.

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