7 Fitness Equipment for At-home Workouts

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Gym is extensively popular these days. To get in shape and look like a model is almost every lady’s dream. To wear to those tight tees and show off toned abs is every guy’s dream. But taking out the time to go to the gym and to work out is definitely a task. The thought of waking up early in the morning is a complete downer to working out, but not missing out on your work out regime is equally daunting.

So don’t you worry! We have penned down a few brilliant fitness equipment to help you work out at your home without stepping out of your home to get to the gym. What’s more? You can even check out the best deals on fitness equipment online once you know what you can invest in!

1. Iron Gym Bar for toning up multiple muscles

The Iron Gym Pull-up Bar tones the different muscles of your chest, back, shoulders, abs, biceps, etc. Pull-up bars are amazing equipment that can be fixed behind the doorway frames or in the hall without damaging any of the walls or doors. Workouts like Pull ups and chin ups can be performed to tone numerous muscles of your upper body and abdomen. This equipment can be placed on the floor for other workouts like triceps dip, push ups facing down and sit ups. This tool is a must buy if you want to flaunt those well-toned abs.

2. Home Jogger, an alternative for morning walks

Home Jogger is an amazing aerobic exercising machine for your body. It improves blood circulation and increases oxygen absorption to enhance breathing capacity. This-3-in-1 walker with soft a footrest has a rhythmic swinging movement to work out the bones and joints of the whole body. This tool completely eliminates muscle fatigue and increases body metabolism. Using the Home Jogger for 15minutes or 900seconds equals to 1.5kilometers of your regular morning or evening walk. This tool tones up the belly and waist region and is a must buy to keep you active and energetic throughout the day.

3. Adjustable Iron Kettle Balls for cardio and strength training

An Iron Kettle ball is great for rotational swings, squats, throws, jerks, deadlifts, snatches etc. The adjustable weights encourage you to steadily intensify your workout by gradually increasing the weights. The Kettle balls usually comes with smooth handles which provides comfort and a secure grip. This amazing equipment tones the full body with the combination of cardio and strength training. It is effective for full body-muscle building and for fat loss too. Overall, this is an amazing tool to work out the entire body.

4. Acupressure Tummy Twister to tone up your figure

Tummy Twister is an amazing work out accessory to tone up your figure. It is extremely effective in figure toning, abs trimming and spine fitness. It stimulates pressure points on the soles and aids blood circulation. The Acupressure and magnetic treatment aids in pain relief. Tummy Twister helps you exterminate extra flab and to get into a proper shape. It increases chest and gains energy. This is a magnificent portable accessory to carry with you even while travelling which ensures you do not miss out on your workout regime.

5. Exercise Cycle or Bike for cardiovascular workout

Exercise cycles or bikes are a great way to increase cardiovascular strength. This workout equipment can track distance, burnt calories, time and speed. The Exercise bike is joint friendly as it eliminates any undue stress on the joints. Riding this stationary bike or cycle can improve your heart health and significantly reduce heart diseases by lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. It is good for obese people as it reduces mechanical stress on the back, knees, hips and ankles. This is a must have equipment for an effective cardio workout regime.

6. Wheel Abs roller for abdominal core workouts

Wheel Abs roller or toner is an fantastic equipment to tone up your abdominals, back, arms, shoulders and core muscles. This equipment burns belly fat, letting you fulfil your dream of flaunting your abs. It is a perfect workout for both beginners and advanced trainers. It aims to strengthen your core muscles, arms and chest so as to gain the perfect physique which you desire. Apart from push ups, pull ups and crunches, it is much more effective on your body. It is an amazing equipment to work on your core muscles without hurting your back.

7. Home Gym Set for weight maintenance

The Home Gym set pack usually consists of dumbbells, gloves, skipping rope, rubber plates and handgrip. The skipping rope helps you burn out 135calories in 10minutes. By availing fitness equipment offers on Snapdeal, you can even invest in dumbbells of different weights that can be used by different members of the family to work out your arms, shoulders, triceps etc. This equipment is a must buy if you are a fitness freak since it has everything possible for cardio workout and for muscle toning.

Some simple tips for home workouts in addition to the above equipment:

  1. Workout videos and CDs definitely help in guiding you to workout correctly and effectively.

  2. Sweat shirts and tracks make you comfortable during the workout regime.

  3. Ensure safety by keeping all the equipment away from children at home.

  4. Lead a healthy lifestyle with regular workouts.

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