7 Fashion Trends that are Making a Comeback

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The world of fashion is constantly evolving and trends keep changing every season. It can be termed
as a cycle in which every trend comes back at some or the other point of life in some season. The
style trends are applicable to clothing, accessories, footwear, jewellery, beauty, and makeup, etc. It
is crucial for celebrities to prioritize the changing fashion and style. If you have ever wondered why
the fashion changes with time, the answer is pretty simple – ‘the new always replaces the old’.
People are greatly influenced by pop stars, musicians, movie stars, athletes, fashion designers, etc.
These people are constantly replaced with the new talents. Thus, the fashion style also changes with
them, and these are, in turn, followed by all of us.


In the 1960s and 1970s bell bottom jeans, hippies were hugely popular. In 1980s Michael Jackson’s
parachute pants were widely spread in the fashion industry. In 1990’s denim, velvet chokers, high-
top sneakers, oversized shirts, etc. were the fashion trend. All these are the reminders of the past
and are now ready to fuse with the current trends. Today we have listed out some of the 7 fashion
trends that are making a comeback.


1. Denim Dungarees – All the 90’s fashion fans have good news. Denim Dungarees which ruled the
90’s fashion world are making a comeback. Back then during our school days, almost everyone
owned a denim dungaree, and then for over a decade, this trend had faded. Now, the current trend
to sport a denim dungaree – is to pair it up with a leather jacket or a denim jacket. You can even
layer it with a striped top and wear ballet pumps for a cheerful look. To look chic, pair denim
dungaree shorts with a lace top or an oversized top beneath. To give it a retro effect wear a flared
denim dungaree and retro sunglasses.


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2. Big Floral Prints – In the 80’s big floral prints ruled the fashion world, and it was adorned with
almost everything from sarees to accessories. Then it took a break, and people avoided this trend for
some time. It is now set to come back in a more transformed way. Get ready to add more chic and
fresh floral patterns, vibrant and stunning colours to your wardrobe. Current trend infuses the big as
well as small floral prints in everything ranging from skirts, dresses, tops, sarees, blouses to bags,
sneakers, hats, etc. and also in men’s wear too. All you need is confidence and style to flaunt this
colourful fashion trend.


[Image Credits – alicdn.com]


3. Platform Heels – The 70’s or the disco era, was the time where platform heels were worn by the
disco dancers to dance their heart away. This fashion trend is making a comeback, all you dancers
out there; get ready to rock-on the platform heels. Well, it is not just meant for dancers but also for
the high heel lovers. Current trend uses the elevated platform to give you the perfect height without
compromising on the comfort. It also infuses creative designs like glittered heels, carved heels,
strapped heels to the platform heels. You can flaunt it either in street style or classy style. No matter
which style you prefer, you are sure to make a style statement with it.


[Image Credits – alicdn.com]

4. Leather Jacket – The Leather jacket is apparel which can transform your formal outfit into a posh
outfit in no time. They have always remained a cool outfit. Leather jackets are expensive, but if well
maintained they can last you a lifetime. Even if the fashion fades, your jacket will still remain fresh to
use it for the comeback trend. Cropped leather jackets are currently the hottest trend. They can be
worn with a blouse and a flowy skirt or with a floral dress, to blend the sexy, cool and tough look. It
can also be paired with a pleated skirt, mixed prints and shorts to look cool. Wearing it with a sequin
dress or bodycon dress gives a chic transformation instantly. Accessorise it with fur vests to look
stylish. To keep it simple and yet classy, pair it up with a jean and a plain shirt.


[Image Credits – alicdn.com]

5. Chokers – In the 90’s celebrities rocked the choker trend, young girls and college goers followed
this trend. Chokers have now made a comeback. They are available in different materials like
leather, plastic, beads, silver, metal, gold, velvet, platinum, etc. Adornments like beads, crystals,
diamonds, charms, and sequins are added. The current trend is the lace and leather choker
embellished with a sparkling pendant. You can choose the right choker for yourself by measuring
your neck to know the length and width. It is also imperative to keep in mind the shape of your face.
Make sure to try it before buying it. You can pair this up with jeans or western outfit or even ethnic

[Image Credits – shopify.com]

6. Polka Dots – During the late 70’s and early80’s people rocked the polka dotted outfits on literally
everything. Then it disappeared for some time, and the fashion trend was not really seen. Now, it is
all set to make a comeback in the current trend. Get ready to add polka dotted dresses, skirts, tops,
pullovers, jumpsuits, sarees, salwar, pumps, etc. to your closet. The right way to wear it in the
current trend is to pair a big or small polka dotted skirt with a plain top or rock the entire polka
dotted outfit with a classy and plain shoe. Well, this trend is not just restricted to women, but also
for men. Polka dotted shirts, sweaters, blazers, caps, shoes and many more.

[Image Credits – metisu.com]

7. Baggy Shirts & Tees – In the 90’s, baggy t-shirts and shirts were the most comfortable and stylish
fashion wear. Thank God for this trend has come back now. It is not necessary that you need to wear
tight clothes or body-hugging clothes to look stylish. An oversized shirt or a t-shirt can still make you
look stunning and fashionable. But current trend gives you some tips to wear it in a right way. It
looks best when paired with leggings and high-waist skirt. To add style, belt it up or knot it up. Flaunt
your lean shoulder by wearing it off the shoulder. Tuck the oversized loose tee into your jeans or
shorts. Give it a crop top look by tying it up higher than usual to show off some skin. Roll up your
sleeves to look effortlessly cool. Wear it with dungarees and sneakers for a fabulous makeover.


[Image Credits – alicdn.com]

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