7 Cool Ideas to Revamp Your Bathroom

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After a long, tiring and stressful day, all you need is a warm water bath to rejuvenate yourself. Bathrooms- A place to wash your worries away. Tired of the way your bathroom looks? Revive it and bring it to life . Renovating the look of your bathroom does not mean an overhauling of the entire space. Few creative ideas can a dash of style and freshness to this room. If you think, it would cost a fortune, we would say give it a try with our budget ideas.

Paint the bath

Bathroom Wallpaper @TheRoyaleIndia

Add a brand new splash of colour to the bathroom and you would be pleasantly surprised by the dramatic change in its look and feel. For a cheaper variation , try the wallpapers with interesting and innovative designs. Choose the moisture-resistant variations of these wallpapers designed especially for the bathrooms. Try to restrict the wallpaper to a single wall to enhance its effect. If you are a creative genius, make your own graphic wall using pages from a vintage book. Use the wallpaper paste to stick it to the wall and then cover it with a clear top coat. Match the colours on the walls with the flooring for an added spark.

Shower in Style

shower curtains @TheRoyaleIndia

Check if your complete shower unit needs replacement or just replacing the head of the shower would do the trick. Choose a coordinated and bright shower curtain to brighten up your spirits every day. It is an inexpensive way to add personality to the bathroom. If you have a little more cash in hand, use a glass screen instead of shower curtains to give the shower cabin a modern and classy look.

Style the fittings

Modern Bathroom Fittings @TheRoyaleIndia

Make use of trendy and coordinated taps, light holders, door handles, showers etc. Again sticking to a theme would be perfect. Mirror finish fittings, ceramic fittings, the choice is endless. Choose as per your budget and give the bath room a refreshingly stylish look.

Tile the countertop

Countertop Basin @TheRoyaleIndia

Coordinate or contrast it with the basin colour and other accessories in the bathroom and it would look very rich and stylish. As an alternative to granite or a stone slab, you could tile the counter-top as it resists the water and costs a lot lesser that the stone slabs. Opt for a wooden top, if you wish to have a tinge of wood in your bathroom.

Bathing accessories

Modern Bathroom Wall Fittings @TheRoyaleIndia

A wrought iron towel rack, soap tray and hangars could definitely make your bathroom look glam. Affordably priced and long lasting, wrought iron bathroom accessories are maintenance free too and hence a good idea to go ahead with.

bathroom mirror with lights @TheRoyaleIndia

If you already have a mirror in the room, add a drop of elegance to it by framing it. Another option would be to edge the mirror with mix and match tiles and it would do wonders for the bathroom.

Add the X-factor

Bathroom accessories @TheRoyaleIndia

A set of bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holder, soap dish, tumbler, soap dispenser, tissue cover could make your bathroom look neat and tidy. Make sure you go for the one which is not only attractive but matches with the bathroom décor.

Diffused Lighting

stained glass bathroom window @TheRoyaleIndia

The lighting in the room could also be played with to brighten up this space. Stained glass instead of plain glass on the windows can add an instant appeal. Also, you could go for elegant shades or blinds to cover the windows.

Above all, cleanliness and hygiene is most important, especially in the bathrooms. If you have a steady stream of guests visiting your home, it would be ideal to place a rustic rack of towels and napkins in the bathroom. Place an air freshener or scented candles with classic designs and make sure your bathroom smells good always. For those who like to read the in the bathrooms, a small stylish book rack would add some charm. If you can, do make a provision for playing light music in the bathroom too.

Use these trendy budget ideas and turn your bathrooms into an exotic destination.

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