7 Basic Camping Essentials You Need to Purchase before a Camping Trip

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Camping is an outdoor leisure activity to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. What makes camping unique is that it involves an overnight night stay or more in a tent. Staying in a tent to look at the beautiful sky decked with twinkling stars and enjoying the fresh air makes camping one of the most enjoyable activities. It is, indeed, a stress buster and a much recommended break from the tension and stress filled routine life. Camping is more fun with the kids and a perfect outdoor activity to plan for a vacation.

Camping is rapidly gaining popularity in India and now tops the favourite outdoor activity among folks. There are various kinds of camping like Adventure camping, Dry camping, Kayaking, Social camping, Winter camping, Bicycle camping and more to add to the list. Camping needs a lot of equipment to be carried to ensure safety and security. If you are an adventure freak and a regular camper, it is better to invest in quality camping gear which can last long and ensure more durability. If you do not want to spend a fortune and are not a regular camper, cheap camping gear which serves the same purpose should work too.

Let us discuss some of the essential equipment for a successful camping:

1. Tent

Tent is a must to carry for the Camping activity. There are varieties of tents with vivid shapes and sizes. Most common types are the three season tents which are good for winters and the four season tents which are made of a better quality fabric. Always choose a camping tent with a larger space than the total number of camping people so as to assure there is enough space for the luggage as well. Make sure to carry all the Tent accessories like tent carpet, tent porch, hammer and spare tent poles or pegs. Electric hook ups can also be carried to add electrics to the tent.

2. Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are a must have in your camping gear kit. Better to choose the lightweight sleeping bags if you are carrying a backpack. Sleeping bags come in different sizes and budget. Buy the sleeping bag based on the camping place and the dipping night temperature. A sleeping pad or an air filled pad can act as an insulator. Extra layering of clothes at night can keep you warm and the ear plugs can be used to keep away the noises from the other campers. All these accessories will assure you a more comfortable and a luxurious sleep.

3. First Aid kit

The First Aid Kit should always take the top priority amongst the rest of the camping gear. Camping includes a lot of outdoor adventurous activities and hence cuts, wounds, burns, scratches and bumps are bound to happen. Include the aspirins, bandages, antiseptic ointments, antiseptic wipes, sprays for sprains, gauze, tape and scissors. Sun burns and moisturizers can also be carried as per the weather conditions. The bug sprays and mosquito repellent creams can also be a saviour from the annoying mosquitoes. Ensure to carry all the essential medicines pertaining to your health conditions.

4. Maps and Compass

GPS is mandatory when you are heading to a new destination. Mobiles and Ipads can be of great help but with the lack of power plugs in the camping tents, mobile battery can dry out soon. The mobile battery backup chargers can also be handy in such situations. Poor or Loss of network connectivity is also bound to happen in the remote areas. Hence, it is always better to carry the paper route map (make sure to learn how to read the route maps) and also a compass to assist you in the directions.

5. Flash Light or Lanterns

Flash lights or lanterns are a saviour in the pitch dark nights. Lanterns, flash lights or headlamps will definitely be a help and will not stop you from planning the fun activities. To reach for an important essential in your backpack either of these accessories would help. When you want to sit on a folding chair outside the camping tent to read your favourite book, the head lamp will be the right choice. These accessories will also help you prepare a quick meal and enjoy the hot delicious food. Do not forget to carry these essentials in your camping kit.

6. Camping Clothes and Shoes

Choosing the right clothes is crucial while packing your camping bag, Pack those rain jackets and ponchos if it’s a rainy season. If you are planning a camping in summer, the cotton clothes and the airy pants or shorts would do wonders. It is always better to carry the extra pair of shawls, sweaters and blankets to keep you warm in the freezing nights of winter. Hiking Shoes are always comfortable as they are more stable and sturdy for your ankles in the rocky areas. A pair of sneakers or flip flops is also good to carry when you want to remove the shoes and let your feet breath.

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7. Other important paraphernalia

What is camping without firewood? Carry the extra matches or lighters to ignite the fire, to have fun sitting around and playing the fun activities. Folding chair can also be a great accessory to help you sit and lean on to after the hectic travelling. Pocket knife is good to carry too and can assist in different ways. If you are travelling by a car you can dump in these extra accessories in your car to add more fun for your camping. The travel backpacks is good to carry if you want to carry the rest of equipment for a one day hiking from your camping trip.

If you are planning for the camping trip this vacation, these essentials will be a sure shot help!

Happy and safe camping!

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