6 Wow Hair Straightener Styling Tips

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A fabulous hairstyle can make you the cynosure of everyone’s eyes at a party. How can you enjoy the look of the season or bring out your beauty at its best? The answer to this is a hair straightener. Time and again it has offered a solution to many women who are troubled with tangled, wavy hair or whose hair is so straight that it is impossible to style.

How to create lovely hairstyles with a straightener?

A hair straightener works by putting heat on the hair to iron it out. This gives a very smooth and streamlined look to the hair. It looks nice, instead of flying all over the place. There are so many fun things you can do with a straightener. It can be used to get a new look for a party, get-together with friends, formal event, wedding, social gathering etc in just a couple of minutes.

Here is a look at some techniques you can try with hair straightener to get fantastic hair styles:

curls achieved with straightener @TheRoyaleIndia

1. Create wavy hair by doing a simple curl at the bottom part of your hair, leaving hair at the top straight, so that it flows into waves as it falls down

2. You can create frizzy hair by twirling strands around a comb and then putting the straightener on them. After they are released from the comb they will twirl nicely. Give your hair a wavy look by creating frizzy hair with a straightener and them lightly pulling them apart to bring about this effect

bob hair straighten @TheRoyaleIndia

3. If you have wavy hair and always wanted a bob, now is your chance to get a fabulous bob with a straightener. Simply straighten to the length of the bob to get a chic look.

4. If you have bangs on the forehand, you can curl them a little with a straightener to give a wavy look on the front.

5. Those who are craving for straight hair because they have wavy or frizzy can get this look in just a few minutes with the straightener.

pixie hair straighten @TheRoyaleIndia

6. Pixie hair cuts are most suitable for a straightener. You can straight out all the hair, else only section of it. Divide your hair into small strands that can be pleated. Do this for all the hair and press the straighter over them one by one and then remove them. You get lovely, small curls

hair section divided @TheRoyaleIndia

Before you do any of these styles ensure that hair is completely dry because wet or damp hair simply won’t curl. You should also use a heat protecting spray all over it. Hair should be divided into sections before you can begin working on it. If you divide it into small sections, you will get small, tight curls, after curling with a straightener but large sections will produce bouncy and loose curls that give a very natural look to the face.

hair straightener tool kit @TheRoyaleIndia

Make use of a high quality hair straightener because it will have temperature settings. By setting a temperature suitable for your hair, you get good results and prevent hair damage. For example, the right temperature for damaged hair is 93-149 °C. In case of coarse hair, it should be 177-205°C. Hair of average thickness needs temperature setting between 149-177 °C.

So, buy hair straightener and started with experimenting with your mane to wow everyone around you.

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