6 Ways to Style Maxi Skirts

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Any female who wear a skirt know exactly how comfortable they are. They’re flowing, they look gorgeous and every time you hold it with your hands while running, I am sure you must be feeling nothing less than a beautiful princess. It’s strange how such a simple addition to your wardrobe can bring out such dramatic changes to your outlook.

But it often happens that after you wear it a couple of times, you get bored. Also, being a little difficult to manage given our marathon lives, wearing a maxi skirts frequently is just not possible. So what do you do? Pairing it with a different colour top or changing accessories obviously are not enough to give it an edge. How about wearing this skirt as a dress to a date? Well, that’s possible and in this article we have rounded up 6 unique ways to give your maxi skirt a new avatar:

1. One shouldered dress

maxi skirt one shoulder dress @TheRoyaleIndia

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If your skirt looks more or less like a ghagra, here’s what you can do to give it an interesting twist. Use the gap on the side to put your arm through and tie the skirt around your shoulder. To add a definition to your waistline, consider adding a belt. Leaving the strings hanging from the shoulder will definitely add to the ensemble.

2. Tie the knot

maxi skirt knot @TheRoyaleIndia

No, we aren’t talking about getting married!

Maxi skirts are very long and that makes it difficult to walk in these floor touching wonders. The best way to deal with this one is to tie it up. Feel free to play around with its length as you gather the fabric to one side and tie it into a knot. If the fabric is too soft or silky you might want to use a couple of pins to keep the knot in place.

3. Elegant Tube Dress For An Evening Party

maxi skirt tube dress @TheRoyaleIndia

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This one’s really easy and elegant!

Move the skirt higher on your chest (much similar to a tube dress). Tie the rope around and swirl in that pretty dress. Pair it with a belt, or an elegant waist chain to complete the look and add definition to your waistline.

maxi skirt as dress @TheRoyaleIndia

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In case you aren’t comfortable wearing a tube dress, just throw on a jacket or shrug and you are good to rock the world.

4. Drape It Up

maxi skirt drape @TheRoyaleIndia

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To try this one out you’ll probably need a really flowing skirt. Take one side of the skirt and pull it upwards towards the waist, tuck-in the end of the skirt in the belt in a way that it forms a drape with layers. If you still have a lot of skirt left, pick another end and do the same on the back side. It forms a beautiful drape and looks nothing like the maxi skirt you originally bought!

5. Maxi Skirt Halter Dress

maxi skirt halter short dress @TheRoyaleIndia

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This one is simply a master piece, no one would believe that it was actually a maxi skirt. To go about it, turn the skirt upside down (the bust area must be hugging your thighs). Grab the other end and lift it up and tie a secured knot around your neck. Voila!! A cute little dress is all you have!

6. The Fun High-Low Look

maxi skirt high low @TheRoyaleIndia

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This style looks especially interesting in skirts with light and flowy fabrics. Start with tucking-in two parts of the skirt in the band area in order to create a high-low look. Finish this easy yet fun look with a funky belt.

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