6 Ways to Drape the Fishcut Style

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Nowadays every party, wedding or event we go are grand, so it’s absolutely logical and even necessary to want to look like a thousand grand and be the centre of attention!

And even though with the onslaught of a great many designers with their numerous designs, styles, drapes, signature patterns and cuts, it might seem very complicated, intimidating even to pick out what’s best for you to wear at those flashy events. But it really isn’t! The the fish cut dresses are on the top of every girl’s fashion list nowadays and it’s time you gave it a try too!

A fish cut dress has a relatively wide bottom and tapers as it goes up. The market is swarmed with these graceful looking dresses that perfectly camouflage your flaws and accentuate your curves! With a great many options available that’ll take your breath away, fish cut lehengas are the thing.

Take a look at some of the different types here and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Fish cut lehenga choli

Fishcut Lehenga Choli @TheRoyaleIndia

A festive looking fish cut lehenga is a big yes for Indian weddings. And if your body type is not the kind where you can show off your belly proudly, a delicate but long jacket on top of a choli will do the trick!

Fish Cut Traditional Anarkali

Fish Cut Anarkali Dress @TheRoyaleIndia

Who says a fish cut dress has to be extravagant? Fish tail cut anarkali dresses will suit anyone and everyone who wish to look elegant. A perfect pick for everyday working women, wearing this fabulous type you will definitely make a style statement in your work space.

A contemporary fish cut wedding dress

Fish Cut Wedding Gowns @TheRoyaleIndia

For those who want that bold and sexy look for their big day should definitely opt for a glamorous body hugging gown. Best suited for an hour glass body type, with a strapless dress that accentuates all the best curves of your body you’re bound to bring sexy back!

Fish cut Red Carpet look

Fish Cut Red Carpet Looks @TheRoyaleIndia

If you want to look sleek, classy and graceful, opt for a fish tail classy dress. A slender body type is in for a treat with this fabulous type and will definitely grab all eyes at any black tie event you wander in!

Fish cut sarees

Fish Cut Saree @TheRoyaleIndia

For a more Indian and traditional look, there’s fish cut saree for you! Good news about this type is that if worn cleverly, it can suit body types like pear, apple and the ones that aren’t meant for fish cut designs without so much of an effort. So, if there’s a loved ones wedding that you have to attend, now you know what to wear!

Party hopping fish cut dress

Fish Cut Party Dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

Wondering what to wear the next time you hit the club? A sexy bandage fish cut dress with neon colours could be it! With its casual look and feel along with a sex appeal to die for, get ready for some calls from your secret admirers!

Tips to carry a fish cut dress the best way:

  • Imagine how a mermaid woud walk, got a picture in your head? Now walk just like that, very slowly and gracefully to avoid tripping

  • If you’re opting for a long and flowy fish cut dress, you can avoid wearing heels. The long flowy skirt will make you look tall and hide your feet as well

  • If you have a fish cut skirt already, you can pair it with a small texture blouse or a halter neck blouse for a casual day of hangout.

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