6 types of Dosas in Mumbai that you should try

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Food is what binds people and communities. Every region in India has a delicacy that is native to their area and therefore special. However, sometimes that delicacy is adapted by people across the country to be devoured in their local flavour by adding ingredients according to their convenience, availability and preference. For e.g. Indians have innovated with bhel by giving it a Chinese flavour and adding cottage cheese to pizza; an Italian cuisine food item.

The Dosa is another classic example. Dosa is essentially a South Indian dish made out of rice batter and eaten with potato stuffed inside it and a sambhar and coconut chatni to accompany it. It can be made crispy or soft depending on the requirement.

However, Indians are known to be “jugaadus” in every aspect of their life so how can food be left behind!

Onion Mysore Cheese Rava Masala Dosa

onion mysore cheese masala dosa @TheRoyaleIndia

The quintessential Mysore Sada Dosa acquires a new meaning in Mumbai. Alankar, a simple restaurant situated in Worli, prepares a variety of snacking items from sandwiches, pav bhaji, dosas, punjabi & chinese cuisine to desserts. Out of all these choices available we gobbled on this particular dosa that is to-die-for. The aroma of the cheese sets in with the slightly burnt onion and strikes a perfect combination with dollops of butter to satiate your hunger pangs. We give this delicious dosa preparation full marks which is priced nominally at Rs. 55.

Schezwan Dosa

Schezawan Dosa @TheRoyaleIndia

Indians love their Chinese fare. Indians love their dosas. What if both of them got married to form a Chinese Dosa? Sounds interesting, right! So we experimented with the Schezawan dosa at Shiv Sagar, Juhu, one of the posh eateries in Mumbai that always has a waiting line of 15 minutes minimum. A hungry lot, we ordered whatever we saw first on the menu. Well, yes, we had to wait for almost half an hour for our turn to come because of the quantity ordered for 10 people but it was worth every penny spent and no one was complaining. Amidst a plethora of food items ordered, the Schezwan Dosa along with the refreshing nimbu paani was distinctive and therefore the most talked about. The overall result was a filled stomach, satisfied taste buds and a little lighter wallet. We won’t be surprised if they stop preparing the normal sada and masala dosa in favour of their schewan dosa, an instant hit with old and new customers, alike.

Gini Dosa

gini dosa @TheRoyaleIndia

Anand Dosa stall, outside Mithibai College in Vile Parle is always teeming with customers of all age groups who don’t mind waiting even for an hour to lay their hands on the flavoursome dosa variants on offer. Started in 1982, this roadside stall sells dosas and sandwiches to regulars and new customers but the only difference being that the regulars just come and stand and the staff gets cracking at making their preferred dosa. Call it the age of customer being the king! Such distinct service will definitely help them earn brownie points. We tried their famous Gini Dosa on recommendation of a regular customer which is served in a unique vertical way (see pic). We were licking our fingers by the end and still wanting more. With our gastronomic experiment successful, we asked more about the making of this dosa but gathered that this is a secret recipe of theirs. Rightly so!!!

Pav-Bhaji Dosa

pav bhaji dosa @TheRoyaleIndia

Call it innovation or marketing, the Pav-Bhaji Dosa of Anand Dosa in Vile Parle is to die for. With generous usage of butter and cheese and the bhaji masala, the dosa made us go weak in the knees. No wonder that this food stall on the pavement is a daily dose for the college-goers frequenting it every single day. Did we mention they have their own Facebook page!

Non-Veg Dosa

non veg dosa @TheRoyaleIndia

The gastronomic infusion we experienced while putting the first bite of the ‘Masala Chicken Dosa’ while on our roadtrip to Lonavala left us speechless. Except that it was a little spicy, we devoured and gobbled this delicious dosa at the roadside dhaba. It was a perfect example of eating a South Indian preparation with a North Indian flavour of Chicken Masala gravy.

Chocolate Dosa

chocolate dosa @TheRoyaleIndia

The best is saved for the last. The chocolate dosa tops our list of quirky dosas on offer. Available at Cafe Bean Garu review, Powai in Mumbai and priced nominally at Rs. 85, this sweet dosa is unique to begin with. Slathered with dollops of Nutella this is a dream come true for anyone who loves their chocolates and dosas in equal measures. Unique concept!!!

With this our dosa journey comes to an end. However, we will wait with bated breath to try out any new flavours that the city has to offer.

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