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6 Stunning Lakme 9 to 5 Lipsticks to Help You Score Higher in the Game of Glamour

The thing about lipsticks is that they are highly alluring and extremely illusive. No matter where you chance upon them, shop shelves or online adverts, you are bound to feel the buyer’s itch to get your hands on them. However, often enough lipsticks fail to provide the colour that you anticipated from them at first sight. Moreover, while getting ready for work or a special event, we often suffer from the greasy uneasiness of not having the exact colour of lipstick to match our attire or look. To solve all such dilemmas, Lakme has created its pocket friendly 9 to 5 range, rich in colour and matte smooth in texture. This range consists of an exceptional variety of shades suitable for all skin tones and befitting for different occasions. Enriched in Vitamin-E and wheat germ oil, packaged wonderfully in a glossy rose gold metallic body, the Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks offer long wear and excellent coverage ideal for everyday usage. To help you make your pick detailed reviews of 6 stunning shades from this range have been listed in the following:

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Red Letter

Ladies if you are looking for a vibrant shade of red that gently attracts yet does not scream for attention, then the Red Letter from the Lakme 9 to 5 range is your ideal buy. It comes in a travel friendly packaging with shade name tag at the bottom, making it easier to pick it out from your makeup kit, especially if there are more shades from the same range inside. On applying you will find this lipstick to glide across the lips even without any pre-moisturising. Furthermore, it does not cause unsightly bleeding of colour beyond the edge of lips. This shade has an orangish-red hue perfect for day to eve festive looks. It is ideally suited to wheatish to fairer skin tones, but dusky beauties can try it on too if planning to carry a bolder look. The silky texture and mild, sweet aroma of this lipstick makes it a comfortable choice for all day wear in comparison to other lipsticks or clip colours that fall in the same price bracket. Winged eye-liners compliment this lipstick shade, bewitching beholders in a snap. From simple white flare dresses to glamorous ethnic outfits, the Red Letter can be your mate in enhancing the style quotient of a number of attires. Shop this color at Nykaa … Hurry Up!

Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color - Red Letter

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Magenta Mind

Those craving for a lipstick that will brighten up their appearance without looking over the top has their perfect companion in the Magenta Mind shade from the Lakme 9 to 5 range. Though magenta is a purplish red hue that is bold by nature, the Magenta Mind is a lovely shade of pink with a reddish tint, which owns an undeniable elegance you just cannot get enough of. The best thing about this lip colour is that it suits darker skin tones as well as fairer ones. May it be the eve of Diwali or a wedding reception, the Magenta Mind will see you through any evening event with élan. Two swipes of this lipstick offer enough colour to amplify the beauty of your gorgeous smile. It does not require repeated touch ups and stays fresh for three to four hours minimum. Also, you need not use gloss or balm on your lips to keep them soft as the lipstick itself offers sufficient conditioning. For a chic party look, combine this lipstick with emerald or blue eye-pencils. It can be worn with dresses or sarees in shades of red, pink and mauve. If you wear it during day time use brown liner to keep the eye make-up subtle in comparison. Get this beautiful shade at Nykaa at amazing discount.

Magenta Mind

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Rosy Review

Belonging to the Creaseless Creame range of Lakme’s 9 to 5 lipsticks, Rosy Review is the best choice for jazzing up your work day appearance. It has the subtlety and charm to help you bid adieu to the boring browns and nudes usually kept aside for office and client meets. Excellent colour pays off, and admirable crease coverage makes touch ups almost unnecessary. Rosy Review is also the perfect shade of lipstick for attending parent-teacher meetings or going out for shopping during day time. Even in an air-conditioned environment, your lips will look supple and naturally beautiful after working and sipping coffee for several hours with this lipstick on. The creamy formula of this lipstick includes jojoba oil that keeps the lips moisturised and soft, preventing them from getting too dry or chapped.  Rosy Review has a soft pink colour with a hint of nudish brown underneath that is suitable for most Indian skin tones. However, this shade becomes more conspicuous on skin tones with cool undertones. One swipe might be too light for ladies with olive skin, and additional swipes might be needed. You can wear it with straight A-line kurtis or formal wear, be it formal shirts, or saree. Ear studs or sleek danglers will enhance the look.

Rosy Review

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Pink Bureau

A favorite and always in demand shade from the Reinvent office stylist range of Lakme’s 9 to 5 lipsticks, Pink Bureau is a bright pastel pink that is particularly well suited to day events. No matter whether you are covering an outdoor event or attending office lunch party, Pink Bureau will act as the charming enamor for impressing your peers and clients alike. The pretty pink hue is ideal for olive to wheatish Indian skin and looks brighter if worn by someone with a fairer complexion. This shade of pink looks captivating if paired with black shirts or long black dresses and contrasting white or neutral shaded handbags. Line your eyes with black kohl and even draw cat eyes if your mood verges on the eccentric to effortlessly stand out in a crowd. Those who have chapped lips and suffer from the problem of lipstick creasing will find this lipstick a great alley as it expertly reduces creasing and keeps lips moist for a longer span of time. Also, this 9 to 5 shade is one rare shade which can be worn from day to night without worry of looking out of place. Get this shade here.


  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Coral Craft

This Crease-less work ready lipstick from Lakme’s much adored 9 to 5 range is one among the 20 available shades offering prodigious coverage and smooth matte texture. For applying it the right way, one should start from the centre of the lower lip, working their way towards the corners and edges of the mouth. Having a creamy matte formula this lipstick does not break or feel too dry during application. It contains moisturising substances like jojoba oil and olive oil that keep lips from dryness and flakiness for up to 5 hours.  Made especially with the Indian complexion in mind, the Lakme Coral Craft is a very light yet stunning apricot shade with nude undertones. It is good to be worn during days with formal ethnic attire or pantsuits. Those who have auburn or chestnut highlights can also carry this colour smartly, looking subtly chic. While wearing this shade you may play and experiment with the eye makeup. Its light yet vibrant tone makes it the ideal partner for a warm brown Smokey eye makeup. In case you find one swipe of this shade to be too light on your complexion, apply it once again for creating a more vibrant impact.


  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Red Coat

If you are in love with the colour red then Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Red Coat is the partner in crime you have been looking for. This shade of red from Lakme 9 to 5 is so stunning that both the red lipstick aficionados and amateurs can wear it without any fear or trace of doubt in their hearts. It can be your choice of lipstick for the bridal look or any special day that needs you to dress up and put your best foot forward. One swipe offers sufficient colour payoff, prepping your lips to stun the passers-by. Cat eye style of kohl or liner goes really well with this lipstick’s shade but due to its vivaciousness one may even skip heavy eye make-up, looking equally gorgeous. Especially suited to evening programs, the Lakme Red Coat does not look out place if worn to brunches or movie dates during the daytime. From sandalwood to almond, all skin tones get brightened up with this shade on the lips. Wear the Red Coat lipstick with your black net sari or the scarlet evening dress to earn envious stares from all around. Shop this product here.

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