6 Smart Space Saving Furniture for Your Homes

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Space saving furniture looks cool, smart, and artistic and can serve multiple purposes. This singular furniture adds beauty, elegance and occupies less space. Let us take a look at some of such brilliantly designed furniture.

1. Folding Wall Mounted Study Table

Space Saving Furniture Desk

Source – dealkishop.com

A beautifully designed wall mountable study table, it serves multiple purposes wherein it can be used as a laptop table for office work or a computer table for study purpose. Just place a vase with fresh flowers on the table to transform it into a display table to add elegance and poise or use it to place coffee mugs when you have your friends over. When not in use the foldable steel legs help you to fold the table down and make it feel like you have nothing mounted on the wall.

On the whole, this product is simple and an awesome piece to have at homes where space is limited.

2. Single Seat Sofa cum Bed

Space Saving Furniture Sofa cum Bed

Source – amazon.com

An aesthetically designed single seat sofa-cum-bed with storage to serve multiple purposes, it can be used as a sofa in your living room or guest room and the brilliant designing allows you to change it to a bed when needed or vice versa. Throughout the day this can be used as a sofa to sit on as you watch TV or to read favourite newspaper and at night it gives you the luxury to sleep peacefully on the spacious bed. It also surprises you with the additional storage capacity which is a bonus. Yes, this bed has storage boxes at the base which opens from top and provides enough space to dump in your clothes or shoes or blankets or anything you prefer.

This furniture adds poise, class and ensures durability.

3. Single Size Bed with Storage

Space Saving Furniture Bed

Source – amazon.com

This Urban Ladder Single sized bed looks compact but has two beds. Hidden beneath the actual bed is a bunk bed which can be pulled out easily when you have guests over and need more people to sleep comfortably. It also provides three storage drawers with ample space for blankets, linens etc. This is a perfect choice for bachelors with a single room who can just extend the bunk bed for their friends to sleep over when they have a party over the weekend.

4. Corner Wall Shelf / Display Rack

Space Saving Furniture Shelf

Source – amazon.com

This Corner Wall Shelf serves multiple purposes and adds elegance to your home. It can be used as a display shelf in your living room or bed room or in the dining room. Apart from that, it can be used in the office or home to organise books and transform it into a book shelf or an instant library. It can also be placed in the kitchen as a utility rack; no matter where it is placed, it will add poise along with serving multiple benefits. The multifunctional shelf needs minimal space to make the walls of your room attractive.

5. Floating Wall Shelves

Space Saving Furniture Floating Table

Source – amazon.com

This floating wall shelf literally occupies the least space while helping with maximum storage. It adds trend and style to the interiors of your homes. These floating shelves serve multiple purposes. The shelves can be used in kids’ rooms to stack up all the books to give a neat look or in the living room as display shelves. It can also be used in the kitchen to stack up all the utilities.

6. Multipurpose Wooden Laptop Table

Space Saving Furniture Laptop Table

Source – mixstore.ro

This multipurpose laptop table is an amazing piece of furniture which helps with multiple purposes. Majority of us have a laptop at home and it is used by kids and teens for studying or gaming or by the working folk for office work. With so much going on, laptops are bound to get heated up. As a solution, we have this fantastic laptop table which cools down the laptop naturally. It also protects users from harmful heat waves emitted from the laptop.

This can also be used as a study table or painting table or drawing table by your kids at home and also be used as coffee table which has a designed place for your coffee mug. It has a drawer on the side to stack your CDS and also has a side mini table to operate your laptop mouse. After all the mentioned uses this table is also foldable to assist your working or reading positions.

These creations have numerous benefits and perfectly define the concept of “Less is more”.

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