6 Restaurants in Mumbai Where You Should ‘SEA FOOD’

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All men are equal before fish.”- Herbert Hoover

There can be tasty meaty days, and there can be healthy vegetarian days. But nothing beats the mother of nutrition and taste, seafood. Belonging to a Konkani family, I’ve practically grown alongside fishes. And never have I given a second thought to eating seafood every single day(not even kidding!).

That’s the thing with sea-food. If prepared correctly, sea-food introduces you to heaven on earth. Also easy to mess up, if badly prepared, sea-food takes you straight to the ‘no-more-food’ stage. Here are 6 sea-food restaurants in Mumbai which clearly stand out and do justice to fishes.

1. Gajalee

Gajalee Vile Parle @TheRoyaleIndia

image credit: gajalee.com

Location: Vile Parle(E), Lower Parel, Andheri(E), Vile Parle(W), Andheri(W)

Phone: 022 30151566 (Lower Parel)

What to try: Bombil Fry, Butter Garlic Pepper Crab, Tandoori Crab, Tandoori Prawns

Gajalee Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

image source

A beautiful place combined with mouth-watering authentic Malvani/Konkani food is a.k.a Gajalee. This place serves the traditional Malvani/Konkani food prepared to perfection. The Bombil fry here is extremely famous, and once you visit, you will clearly know why! Oh, and it’s mostly busy so taking a reservation is recommended.

2) Satkar Rice Plate House

Satkar Rice Plate House @TheRoyaleIndia

image credit

Location: Goregaon(E)

Phone: 022 6572 9257

What to try: Thali, Sol Khadi, Kokam Khadi

Satkar Rice Plate House Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

image source

If you are looking for a lavish, deluxe eatery, this isn’t the place to be. But if you are the real sea-food lover who is ready to break barriers, shake walls, climb staircases and walk through the narrow lanes where heaven awaits you, Go. Now. Right now!  There will not be one corner of your stomach empty when you leave this place, no matter how broke you are (yes, rates are very reasonable).

3) Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta @TheRoyaleIndia

image source

Location: Khar, Tardeo, Andheri(W)

Phone: 022 2636 4975

What to try: Betki fry, Smoked Hilsa, Maacher Paturi, Kosha Mangsho

Oh Calcutta Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

image credit: burrp.com

With a beautiful ambience, this place truly makes you go ‘Oh! Calcutta’. Firstly, there are beautiful paintings to treat your eyes, before the real treat lands on your table. If you love well-presented heavenly-tasting seafood, this is the place for you. Oh, if not anything, you might want to visit solely to adore the most ingenious plates with sketches of Calcutta!

4) Fresh Catch

Fresh Catch Mahim @TheRoyaleIndia

image source:

Location: Mahim

Phone: 022 2444 8942

What to try: Bombil fry, Prawns Balchoy, Bebinca

Fresh Catch Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

image credit: grabhouse.com

The name might give you a teeny bit idea of the extent this restaurant would go to get you the divine fishy. With authentic Goan food, this place is a pretty looking, extremely well-crafted seafood restaurant. Their sweet dish, Bebinca is an authentic goan sweet dish. You can thank me later!

5) Mahesh Lunch Home

Mahesh Lunch Home @TheRoyaleIndia

image source

Location: Vashi, Juhu, Fort, Thane, Sakinaka

Phone: 022 66955554 (Juhu)

What to try: Tandoori pomfret, Surmai Lajawab Curry

tandoori pomfret @TheRoyaleIndia

image source

If you’re looking all over the internet for the best seafood restaurants in Mumbai, I can bet Mahesh Lunch Home is on every list. This list cannot go without including this restaurant. Established in 1977, MLH is definitely a must-visit place for all the seafood lovers.

6) Lalit Refreshment-Taste of Kerala

Lalit Refreshment @TheRoyaleIndia

image credit: burrp.com

Location: Fort

Phone: 022 2267 6161

What to try: Arabian Grape Juice, Prawns fry masala

Lalit Refreshment Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

image credit: burrp.com

This place will surely keep you in awe of it. The prices are ultra pocket friendly, the taste is out of the world, and you can take along a vegetarian friend who wouldn’t come out with a grumpy face. The veg thali is as good as its non-veg contemporaries. If you are the seafood vagabond, do not leave this city without paying a visit to this heavenly place.

Hope this article was helpful and you find the fish of your dreams soon!

After all, as said by Lewis Carroll, ”No good fish goes anywhere without a porpoise”!

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