6 Reasons To Marry A Girl With Tattoos

January 15, 2015 6 Reasons To Marry A Girl With Tattoos @TheRoyaleIndia 1932 0 0

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Visited a tattoo parlour lately? If you have then you must be aware that most of the people getting inked are mostly women. If you have suddenly visualised a woman who is an Alice Cooper or a Marilyn Manson groupie, then you sir are super prejudiced. The women who come and get tattoos done are first time mothers who have never put a toe out of line, top lawyers, hoteliers, business women; the kinds you see in the boardroom and will never once think that the same woman probably dyed her hair and lived on the beach for a month after graduation.

You might have also openly stared at a lady sporting a tattoo in the mall and clucked your tongue and shaken your head and had an eye conversation (like a kathakali dancer) with the person standing next to you. But have you ever tried to approach a woman sporting a tattoo? Don’t worry they won’t hypnotize you and force you to join a cult or reveal fangs of teeth; they are quite nice to talk to and will make you feel comfortable, unless of course you turn out to be one of those prejudiced civilians. Below are a few reasons as to why inked women are a good choice for a partner-


Get it in writing, anyone and everyone who is inked loves talking about the story behind it if asked nicely. They are also less scary to talk to as they have exposed a body part to a complete stranger who has pricked them with a needle and have been totally comfortable with it. So go and strike up a conversation with that tattooed woman you saw at the bar.


Be it financial and/ or emotional. They hear the clucking, see the head shakes and hear the aunties say, ‘chee tattoo. My Pinky will never know what a tattoo is. who will marry her now?’

To overcome all this ridicule, they need to have the moolah and be prepared to ignore the emotional blackmail from their mothers and understand that it is their body not their parents and still go ahead and stick to the decision.


Go ahead and try to make an appealing image which captures your euphoria, your favourite song, the love of your life, your pet, the pain of throwing away your favourite PJs and your current favourite food. Go on, I dare ya. See you can’t. You need to really think about how you capture the moment in the best possible way so as to not screw up the most permanent of art.


Yup that they are. After listening to all the possible judgemental comments from the next door aunties and knowing that they are warning their daughters to not be like them, they have no reservations for anyone, except maybe racists.


They can be the type who will probably get 1 tattoo in their whole life or can be the one who has an entire tattoo sleeve. If it is the former, then you will know that that one tattoo will end up defining her and her alone, whereas the latter is the more whimsical kind; the kind who will have a weird dream one day and will suddenly get up and get it inked on whatever space is left on her body. As long as the tattoo story starts off with an ‘I remember…..’ then it is a good story no matter what.


Having a tattoo means having something lifelong on your body, unless of course you have the money to get it removed. You know it is gonna stay with you till you are 80. Thinking if it will be ok to have a design on the sagging skin with fat around it, then the woman knows what she is getting into. This means she can look at the bigger picture and has no qualms reversing the decision if it doesn’t work out the way it is supposed to.

Having a tattoo is a big eyebrow raising point when it comes to women in our country with our beloved neighbours fretting about their marriage (not even ‘how will she go to office now?’). But the best part is that the women who do get it done don’t really care.

Cautionary note- Never get your partner’s or spouse’s name inked. Parents, siblings and children are acceptable. If God forbid the relationship doesn’t work out, then do you know how much you will have to spend to get it removed? And do you have any clue how much it will hurt? Google it.

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