6 Home Decor Tips for those who breath Music!!!

August 3, 2014 6 Home Decor Tips for those who breath Music @TheRoyaleIndia 1211 0 0

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The thing about music is, that its not a thing but a feeling everyone relates to and experiences.’ The statement though depicts universal truth, music lovers who religiously worship music have a persona that is reflected in their breathing. Yes, this is not an exagerrated statement but music buffs come up with crazy ideas to decorate their place giving it a perfect musical touch.


Album covers can make the perfect art to go on the wall. You just need to dig in your record collection and choose your most loved album covers and frame them.

music wall @TheRoyaleIndia


If you plan to use a handful of covers you can always go for the Headboard. It wont take much space and would also give a classic look to your bedroom.

headerboard @TheRoyaleIndia


What would this mean? If your a collector of items/used equipments; optimize your buy. Amplifiers can be used as a mini-table/side table.

equipment furnitures @TheRoyaleIndia


Cant get enough of Pink Floyd and Slash? Well, you’ve got plenty of Wall Decor options to choose from. Be it a Poster or Painting, style your wall with some vintage collections. Fabfurnish gives you a gamut of options to browse.


There are trendy Cushion Covers available in the market that feed to your musical needs. Browse through a variety of options and choose your style.


Give a creative touch to your kitchen with funky Coffee Mugs. The picture of Elvis or a Marley or a Six String on the mug is always pleasing.

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