6 Colours in Trend this Season for Stylish Bridal Wear

November 24, 2014 6 Colours in Trend this Season for Stylish Bridal Wear @TheRoyaleIndia 1468 0 0

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With the bridal season in full fledge this November-December, you will see a lot of Indian wear everywhere around. Though trends keep changing each season and each year, some colors are classic while some are ‘IN’ a particular season.

You know how Indian weddings are colorful from the décor and food to the outfits, including the bride’s outfit. Also all eyes are on the bride and her outfit is also the most talked about 😀

With keen eyes I have spotted and put together the bridal colors in trend for wedding day couture. Take your cue if you are a bride to be or else be a kind fashionista and pass it on to the brides-to-be that you know.


red bridal panetar saree @TheRoyaleIndia

Let’s start with the basic. Red is the most widely used color in Indian weddings and is also a sign of a married woman, as they say it. Whether it’s a red lehenga as in a Punjabi wedding or a red gharchoda as in a Guajarati wedding, one gets to see a lot of red. Some castes in Guajarati also wear the white/off white saree called panetar as the main saree with red worn on the side and some do it the other way.

2. Pink:

sra jane pink @TheRoyaleIndia

The second favourite after red has to be pink for most of the girls. Pink looks very refreshing and youthful and has different shades and tones. Manish Malhotra showcased an onion pink lehenga on Sarah Jane Dias for the Lakme Fashion Week Bridal Masterclass and it looked stunning! Pink never fails for a bride. And it ranges from bright fuchsia to softer baby pinks and carrot pink. The combination of other colors with pink also looks good.


A new hot favourite amongst brides is the color orange and shades of it. Orange always makes one look bright and vivacious. Also orange goes very well with gold, so the combination of gold work on orange makes it stand out; mostly seen in combination with pink and blue. Coral also shows up well on Indian skin tones. Esha Gupta wore a gorgeous coral gown in the India Bridal Fashion Week.

4. Magenta/Purple:

magenta purple bridal wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Another hit choice is the magenta/purple and shades of it. It’s perfect for a night time wedding or reception. It’s bright yet balanced at the same time. Brocade and gold thread work/zardozi comes up beautifully on purple/magenta. Also kundan jewellery works well with a purple outfit. And it can be combined with green and gold.

5. Navy Blue:

navy blue bridal wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Navy blue is seen a lot on the ramp these days for Indian couture too. Manish Malhotra has added navy blue this season in his bridal collection. He suggested navy blue/royal blue for a reception or a night time wedding at the LFW Bridal Masterclass and also showcased a navy blue gharara. Navy blue will stand out on the bride no matter what the wedding theme; again a color on which intricate gold work comes up beautifully. Navy Blue also works in combination with colors like Pink, Magenta and yellow.

6. Nude/Grey:

nude grey @TheRoyaleIndia

A beige nude/grey evening gown is also one of the options for a reception/cocktail. Lace and net work well with lighter colors like beige and nudes. Also you can always color block or combine with other bright colors.

So these are some of the color options this season. What’s your take on it? Your favourite color or any color you have pre decided to wear on your wedding?

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