6 Best Gadgets for your Pets

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Have you ever heard of the smart gadgets for your pets? Well, with technology taking over every nook and corner of your life, we have some stunning innovations for your beloved pets too. These gadgets are amazingly brilliant to virtually entertain your pets, even when you are not physically around.

They can be of a great help too, e.g., you can keep track of your pets to make sure they don’t go missing, or feed them on time or even talk to them remotely.

How do they work? Well, these high tech products are linked to your smart phones apps or the browser websites to get the live updates on a regular basis and to control them virtually. You can check out Flipkart coupons online to get the best deals on pet supplies!

Below are some of the best pet gadgets to make your life pretty much easier and happier.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, the Real Time Tracking Device for Your Pets

These are the smallest and coolest real time tracking device to keep track of your beloved pets. This device alerts you whenever your pet crosses the safe zone. It is basically linked with a mobile app on your smart phone or you can even access it on your computer browser. This not only tracks your pets LIVE location but also shows you where exactly it is heading towards. The integrated lights in the gadget increase the visibility to help you track the pet much easily even in the dark. These gadgets are extremely lightweight for your pets and absolutely water resistant.

With the help of this electronic gadget on your pet’s collar, you can now track your dogs, cats, horses or any other pet animals easily and quickly.

Smart Pet Doors to Confine Entry only to Your Pets

Smart Pet Safe Door is an interesting gadget to help your pet to manoeuvre easily both in and out. The smart doors which are pet friendly restrict access to stray animals or any other unwanted animals from entering your house. All you need to do is to install this smart door in one of your wall doors. The smart door reads the unique identification number on your pet’s microchip and restricts access to the outside animals.

Smart Pet Doors are pet friendly and easily flappable for both your dogs and cats. Now, you can stay at peace without having to open the door each time for your pet.

Timer Based Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder to Feed your Fish

While you are away on a business trip, are you worried about how to feed your fish at home? Do not fret! This cool gadget is a wonderful solution to serve the purpose. You can now feed your fish on time, with the automatic aquarium fish feeder. All you got to do is set a timer and the quantity of fish pellets to be released in to the fish tank. You can set up to four feeding timers and the feeder drum keeps the fish food absolutely dry with its moisture proof design. The automatic feeder is also easy to set up; you just have to clip it to the fish tank to keep your fishes hunger free and healthy.

If you are looking for an option to feed your fishes on time when you are away, then this is a must buy gadget to avail with pet supplies offers online.

Monitor Your Pets Health with the Fitbark Fitness Gadget

Does your pet’s activity worry you about its health? Don’t worry; The Fitbark comes to your rescue. The Fitbark is an amazing gadget to keep track of your pet’s day-to-day activity. If your pet rests more than normal it sends a notification on your smart phone app to alert you. It also helps you track its sleeping time and play time. For obese dogs you can monitor the number of calories burnt. If the burnt calories do not meet the set value on your Fitbark, you can take your dogs out for more walks.

Just fix this device on your dog’s collar to make you a better dog parent.

This device is definitely a must buy for all the pet lovers who want their dogs or cats to be hale and healthy for a long time.

Entertain Your Dog with the iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower

The iFetch is an amazing device to entertain your dogs. When you are back from work, it so happens that you are all exhausted and drained out, but your active dog might seek some interactive playtime. The iFetch is a wonderful option to be considered to keep your dogs amused, while you can still sit and watch the dog playing happily with the iFetch.

All it takes is a little effort to train your dogs in fetching the ball. The iFetch has an opening on the top to feed the balls and hence the dog needs to be trained on how to insert the ball and also to shoot the ball by stepping on the iFetch thrower. Your dog will definitely love this device and will never get tired or bored of playing with it.

Pet Cube to Remotely Communicate with your Pets

How cool is it you could remotely talk to your pets? The Pet Cube monitoring system does it for you. Fix this device at home to remotely communicate with your pets when you are off to work or on a vacation. While you are off to work, you can still control your naughty pets at home. It is an HD device that enables a two way communication with clear pictures and sounds.

The built-in laser pointer at the top can keep your cat or dog busy. The pet cube smart hone app also enables you to quickly share the pictures and videos of your pets on social media pet communities.

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