6 Best Beauty Gadgets for a Beautiful You

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Beauty gadgets come handy when it’s impossible to squeeze in more time to rush to the beauty parlour. Some of these time-saving gadgets such as Hair Straighteners, Hair curls, Multi Hair stylers, etc. have proven to be quite a boon for most women. Let us discuss some of the useful beauty gadgets for all the pretty ladies out there who wish to enhance their beauty and look stunning.

1. Hair Straightener

Beauty Gadgets Hair Straighteners @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – stylecraze.com

It’s every girls dream to have locks of thick, lustrous, glossy hair but not everyone has the hair texture they yearn for. But with hair straighteners, we can get that beautiful hair in no time!

You can get a salon finish look with straighteners that provide high heat in seconds. It’s best to go for ones that have extra-large plates of hair straightener that are specially designed for thick or long hair. Ceramic coated plates make gliding and ironing easy without any hair breakage during styling. Make sure you choose one that has an auto shut-off feature which automatically turns off the tool after 60mins.

2. Hair Curler

Beauty Gadgets Hair Curler @TheRoyaleIndia

With hair curlers, get the curls you desire – be it for ethnic attire or a western, loose curls looks gorgeous for both. Hair Curlers help you achieve alluring and glossy curls within minutes, right at home. Most hair curlers are impressive and easy to use. Some, with LED indicator feature, mark it safe while in use and also comes with defensive gloves to ensure your hands are safe. These product styles your hair exactly the way you want it. Some of the best curlers also feature an in-built stand to place the curler, automatic shut off and 10 different temperature settings to choose from.

3. Epilators

Beauty Gadgets Epilators @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – top10ratelist.com

We all have those days where there is an unexpected party the same evening or the next day and you don’t have enough time to get your arms and legs waxed, and you badly want to wear that beautiful sleeveless short dress lying in your wardrobe, waiting for an occasion such as this. Well, no worries with epilators to the rescue!

Epilators give instantly smooth skin and remove 4times shorter hair than waxing can. Most come with a massage attachment that reduces discomfort and on regular use it becomes nearly painless. The brilliant attachments are designed for different areas like legs, arms, underarms, face and bikini area. It’s suitable for all women and for all skin types. And with it being portable, your travels will become less of a hassle!

4. Straightener Brush

Beauty Gadgets Straigthening Brush @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – target.com.au

When you are rushing off to an event at the office with very less time at hand and still want that lovely straight hair that makes you look like a model, what can be done? The innovation of hair straightening brushes has solved the problem to help you attain that look effortlessly. These ingenious hair brushes straighten hair in just minutes and leave your hair straight, glossy and lovely.

5. Multi-Styler

Beauty Gadgets Multi Stylers @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – amazon.com

When you want those bewitching curls for a party and gorgeous shiny, straight hair for a wedding tomorrow, multi-stylers are the answer!

Multi-Stylers come with a interchangeable styling tool attachments like curl barrels, crimper plates, straightening plate, spiral sleeve and combed brush sleeve.

  1. The Crimper plates are used to get the trendy crimped hair look

  2. The curl barrel, spiral sleeve, or combed brush – are used to get those alluring curls

  3. The straightening plates are used to get the straight and glossy hair

Multi-Stylers are a must have from amongst the beauty gadgets list for those who like to try versatile looks.

6. Pedicure Foot File

Beauty Gadgets Foot Filer @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – cloudfront.net

Fabulous feet: something we all crave for. Sometimes, 40 minutes of pedicure at the beauty parlour might seem exhausting. Pedicure foot filers are an answered prayer, removing dead cells in minutes and leaving your feet beautifully soft and smooth. It works as a homecare pedicure kit, removing stubborn hard skin effectively and quickly. It has specially designed roller head which rotates gently and safely to remove lifeless skin by exfoliating the foot like a foot scrub. All you have to do is insert the roller into the device, move it over dry and dead skin and finish with applying a cream. And voila! You just got a pedicure done at home in a matter of minutes. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s also pocket friendly and a must have in your beauty kit.

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