5 Traditional Indian Coolants that you must try this Summer

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India is the land of gastronomical abundance. Thanks to our diverse culture, one can embark on a different culinary journey each day and not get tired of experimenting with flavours.

You are lucky if you are a foodie and living in India now. Gone are the days when one had to backpack across the country to try a regional specialty. Today, restaurants are competing to delight customers with fresh, seasonal flavors that are reminiscent not just of our rich culture but also of simple homemade delicacies.

Not in the mood for the usual Lemonade, Jal Jeera or Lassi this summer? Look for something new on the menu. Here’s our list of five must-try regional drinks that are not only nourishing but also help in keeping the body cool. Try them and find out which one blows your mind away.

1. Elaneer Payasam- This Chilled Dessert is the Elixir of Life

Best Coolants Elaneer Payasam

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Tender coconut or Elaneer (as it is called in Kerala) is the purest and healthiest way to beat the sweltering heat. Payasam (the south Indian word for kheer or pudding) is a refreshing dessert that tastes delicious from the very first bite and is also a unique dessert for any party! No wonder then that Elaneer payasam found its way onto the dessert menu of the finest restaurants in the world. Tender coconut is not just rehydrating, it also boosts the immune function, and alkalizes the body. Include it in your summer diet to stay healthy, fit, and cool.

2. Paan Gulkand- For those who dare to try the Different

Best Coolants Paan Shots

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Paan gulkand is an aromatic drink made of pan (beetle) leaves. This summer cooler is a combination of several flavors. It contains paan, rose gulkandh, and sabza (basil seeds). The resulting concoction has a hint of several flavors. It is sweet, tangy, sour, and bitter all at once. This drink hits all the right places and you will be pleasantly surprised by its freshness. A blend of dessert and after meal mouth freshener, this drink is also known as paan shot. Try it for a perfect ending to a heavy meal.

3. Piyush Punch- A Heady Mix of Shrikhand and Buttermilk

Best Coolants Piyush Punch

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The term Piyush literally means Elixir (amrit in Hindi) or the drink of Gods. True to its name, this drink tastes divine. The goodness of Shrikhand combined with buttermilk gives it a rich and creamy texture. Before serving, it is often laced with saffron strands and crushed pistachio for a faint floral taste with the right amount of crunchiness on top. This drink is popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat but is sometimes mistaken for Lassi (the popular drink from Punjab). Piyush is thicker and creamier, almost like a dessert and is a perfect accompaniment for spicy food. If you are wondering where to get all the ingredients from, you can even check out Amazon grocery offers.

4. Zawlaidi- Here’s to some Grape Love

Best Coolants Zawlaidi

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This popular wine from Mizoram is produced in the Hnahlan village which is striving to become the largest grape producing village in India. Zawlaidi is a premium fruit based wine which is hugely popular among Indian wine lovers. It contains about 11-14% alcohol. There is a fascinating tale surrounding this drink. It is popularly believed that this grape wine derived its name from a magic love potion which is believed to possess the power to enable anyone who used it to make another person fall in love with him/her. With an interesting folklore like that who wouldn’t want to try it at least once? So, ditch that French wine and go for this desi ecstasy!

5. Jigarthanda- Cool to the Core

Best Coolants Jigarthanda

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Jigarthanda is a beverage that originated in the temple city of Madurai. As the name suggests, this drink will cool your heart and leave you asking for more. The key ingredients of this drink are almond gum (badam pisin) and nannari (a wonder herb), both of which have cooling properties. There is no better way to escape heat and humidity than treating yourself with a glass of this drink topped with a dollop of ice cream.

Try our recommendations. We bet you will love them. One sip of any of these will transport you to the Himalayas! If you wish to try the items of this list of thirst quenchers, you can also check out offers on beverages and get your summer going!

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