5 Tips to Get a Flat Stomach without Hassle, Frustration and Heavy Expenses

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What are dreams made of—but a washboard tummy? With a sedentary smartphone-savvy lifestyle and nine-to-five desk job keeping the waistline under control is more than difficult. You have tried hard to match amateur crunches with sweet and savoury mouthful munches. Somehow belly fat has successfully deflated your efforts each time. Experimental diet to a costly gym membership, you have tried it all! Many well-wishers have suggested going under the knife. Some of them didn’t mind making a few baby-bump jokes at the expense of your roly-poly belly. Well, there is still hope. You too can get a flat stomach without bearing the expenses of surgery or the penance of a saint. Here are five stupendously effective diet tips to achieve a flat tummy comingto your aid.

1. Keep More Soluble Fibre in Your Diet
Slight but smart changes in your daily diet go a long way to reduce belly fat as you desire. When it comes to tweaking your regular diet plan, soluble fibre is your best buddy. This particular food component is known for soaking up a large amount of water. As a result, eating more soluble fibres considerably delay the passing of the food through digestive organs. You will start feeling fuller even before you have finished the meal or asked for a second serving. This way you will eat lesser quantity food without going hungry. Soon its effect will start showing around your waist circumference. Soluble fibers also cut down the calories one’s body can absorb from food. Some good sources of soluble fibers are oat bran, beans, lentils, peas, and barley.

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2. Have Smoothies for Nourishment
Throw the idea of starving yourself to flattened tummy out of the window. It doesn’t work. We have a better option Liquid diet. Have nutrition packed rich smoothies a few times a day to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Some smoothies are especially good for reducing body fat. For example, watermelon smoothies offer an amino acid called arginine which trims down body fat and increases lea muscles instead.

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3. Good Postures Tones the Stomach
As children we were often told to sit and stand straight. Unfortunately, we never paid heed to it. A hunched back posture can cause fat accumulation in the stomach portion. Try sitting upright with a straight back as much as possible. Those with a regular desk job should sit with knees in a straight line from the hips. Adjust the height of your office chair so that feet touch the ground flat.

4. Make Sure to Drink Sufficient Water
This may sound like a cliché but the importance of water cannot be stressed enough. Staying hydrated can actually make your belly look less protruded. Wondering how? If your body gets sufficient liquids throughout the day it will not store water. As the water retention decreases, your tummy will look less bloated.

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5. Turn to Coffee Drinking
A good old cuppa of strongly brewed coffee acts as a diuretic as well. It can help in getting rid of excess water retained in your bloated midriff. Furthermore, coffee is beneficial in keeping the gut system moving. When the gut gets cleaned regularly, metabolism improves leading to a notable decrease in the waistline.

All said and done, your flat stomach is just a few wise decisions away.

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