5 things we want from actresses wardrobes

August 24, 2014 5 things we want from actresses' wardrobes @TheRoyaleIndia 1280 0 0

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Being humans, we are never satisfied with what we have; always looking at an increasing list of wants and always looking wistfully at different peoples’ wardrobes to mentally steal stuff that will change our lives forever and make us better. We also have that one woman in our lives (mostly since college) who has the best wardrobe ever while you are removing that black top from your laundry basket yet again. She is either your BFF or your worst enemy; never in between. Let’s face it we have always thought about how those much wanted things will look better on us, no? Since there is nothing we can do about it except day dream, we at The Royale believe in living your dreams to the fullest. Hence here we are, helping you to dream further by lusting after these actresses’ wardrobes-


deepika padukone @TheRoyaleIndia

The number one actress in our eyes who has everything going for her! Her height (Really! Who gets born with that?), her choice of significant others and mostly her clothes. Sigh! Her clothes! She looks amazing in everything and carries them off with so such effortlessness that you wonder if she was born with those clothes on- be it a gown for a red carpet event (except the Gaurav Gupta number she wore for Filmfare. What was she thinking? Didn’t like it on Lady Victoria Harvey, didn’t like it on Ms. Padukone), a saree or her outfits when she has dressed down. The one thing we absolutely love, looooove on her is the white boho maxi dress. It’s just so Goa, no? With those flats, and a bowling bag and you are good to roam comfortably on those hot days. Don’t forget to braid your hair to one side. Also, we wouldn’t mind stealing Ranveer Singh as well, now would we?


priyanka chopra @TheRoyaleIndia

She has come a looong way from the day she was crowned Miss World in 2000. Piggy Chops has a gorgeous figure of which she completely aware and doesn’t let us forget either (Why? Why must you do that?). She loves showing it off and does it best with her sarees and red carpet outfits. Most of her last year was taken up by wearing mono coloured body con dresses and drool worthy sarees. But the one outfit (ok, two) which we are lusting after are the black and gold gown by Arpan Vohra which she wore for the Times of India Film Awards 2013 (accessorized with an LV clutch, no less!) and the Gauri and Naianika outfit which she wore for Gunday’s promotions. She totally rocked the print on print trend and let go of playing it safe with one colour. After all she was not voted India’s Best Dressed by the People magazine for nothing.


vidya balan @TheRoyaleIndia

Now we are all aware that Ms. Balan doesn’t have the best sense of style but she has had her best dressed moments as well. Though we will never take her advice for western outfits (her stylist did an amazing job of dressing her up Shaadi ke Side Effects though), we will definitely ask her about the next big trend in Indian Wear. Yes we lust after her sarees which she wears with such élan. We loved her in the Sabyasachi saree she wore for the 55th Annual Idea Filmfare Awards. We also loved her during the 58th Annual Idea Filmfare Awards where she wore a creation by Sabyasachi (again) but experimented with an unconventional design.


shraddha kapoor @TheRoyaleIndia

She propelled to stardom after Ashiqui 2 (which, by the way, was her 3rd movie. She can’t be called a newbie for sure but in our eyes she is). She has defined her style, both on the red carpet and off it. She is more of a damsel donning delicate things and carrying them beautifully. With her signature beach waves swept sideways most of the time, if not always (you will find her with straightened hair every once in a while) and her ultra feminine clothes, we totally root for her on the red carpet. However, if you see, her outfits do come with a quirk of their own. Though she totally rocks the crop top look, this is one we can do without since every woman on the street seems to be sporting it. We totally want the neon Pernia Qureshi gown she wore for IRFW. It fit her extremely well and that is a hard colour to pull off. Have you ever noticed the minimalist accessories and makeup she sports? We take off our hats and hairbands to you Ms. Kapoor, for making your style statement in this world, and having the b**** for sticking to it. Oh and we will love to get those natural messy waves. What say?


alia bhatt @TheRoyaleIndia

The 21 year old has made her mark in the industry with her choices and of course, her acting. The best part? She dresses up her age and looks all cutesy and stylish and chic. We simply adore her in dresses and she is not afraid to experiment with the latest trends and give her own twist to it. She carries them off really well, and doesn’t come across as trying too hard or Jersey Shore-esque. Her fresh face just adds the right amount of charm to her outfits. She totally rocked this little number from Natasha Dalal during the HSKD promotion in Bengaluru. She completed the look with cream sneakers and side swept hair. Want!

These are not all. We really don’t mind stealing from Kangana Ranaut, Poorna Jagannathan, Sonam Kapoor, Kalki and once in a while, Huma Qureshi. For that matter we don’t mind going to the mall in the dead of the night and exchanging our whole wardrobe with the mannequins or holding a fake Income Tax raid for their wardrobes à la Special 26.

Why don’t you share with us your wants and likes from different wardrobes in the comments section or tweet to us?

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