5 Things We Should Do To Make #WontGiveItBack A Reality

February 20, 2015 5 Things We Should Do To Make #WontGiveItBack A Reality @TheRoyaleIndia 810 0 0

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Kapil Dev did it in 83’, the man with the Golden Touch – Dhoni did it in 2011The question now is: Will India be able to defend the title successfully? There’s already been a lot of debate about India’s chances of winning the World Cup owing to the embarrassing yet somewhat fruitful series against Australia prior to the World Cup. Surely, the Indian team showed some mettle (that’s why fruitful) but was unable to sustain it for a longer time. The World Cup being hosted by Australia and New Zealand, the Indian team was already under the radar for their infamous record there.

As if the pressure of a zillion minds wasn’t enough for the Men in Blue, their opening match was against the arch rivals Pakistan, phew!!! Now that’s a script ;). Kohli was extraordinary as always, Dhawan showed us his real game for a change, Raina was brilliant, Shami had a decent game, India won handsomely!!!

Even so, the critics as always have already showered their blessings for the game against the Proteas; the match will be much more difficult, of course it will be!!! Agreeing to that, we shouldn’t take any credit away from India for the performance against Pakistan. Without much ado here we list 5 Things We Should Do To Make #WontGiveItBack A Reality!!!

1. Stop Over Criticizing

over criticizing @TheRoyaleIndia

Khel main haar jeet toh hoti rehti hai !!!” For once get hang of this statement and move on. The World Cup, the pressure, the expectations, the attention – even the best can falter. Are we forgetting the fact that these guys are humans as well? Like many of you I hope India does win the World Cup; if that does not happen it’s not the end of the world is it?

2. VIRAT VIRAT VIRAT!!! – It’s Not Just Him

Expectations from virat @TheRoyaleIndia

This is so so amazing!!! We’re all collectively having a Déjà vu, yay!!! Oh no, that’s simply rubbish. We did this in the Tendulkar era and now we’re religiously doing it in the AS (After Sachin) era. Remember, the other 10 members are not there just to make up the numbers. To some extent they haven’t performed as expected. However, by going gaga over and depending on this much loved cricketer we are demoralising the squad. Let Virat just be and let’s cheer for the pack equally.

3. Stop Questioning Dhoni’s Captaincy

Stop Questioning Dhoni’s Captaincy @TheRoyaleIndia

Is he the best ever Indian captain? Yes or no, he has completely uplifted the face of Indian cricket. ‘He’s been lucky to have great players to work with’ – that’s what many say but no, that’s not the only reason for his success. He has had those bad days as well, unlike a machine. He’s come out well in the tightest of situations and delivered when it matted and he will do it again.

4. A Player’s Personal Life is His Private Affair

Interference in personal life @TheRoyaleIndia

I’m here on National Duty” – That’s what Dhoni replied when asked about his newly born baby, A slap on the face or rather he helicoptered the question ;). Really, who wants undue attention of the media or rather anybody in their personal lives? The last thing that the players need is a controversy clouding their minds. Soon, I guess we would even hear such kind of news some day, “in breaking news today, an India player took poop at 9:00 am IST instead of the regular 8:00. “

5.Do Not Highlight the Off Field Controversies

Apparently an angry father of one of the most loved cricketers India has seen went bonkers on Twitter recently and took on the Indian Captain. Why on earth would one do that? And why on earth should he be given attention even? A call for all those rational and sane people to take it upon you to stop paying attention and promoting such imbecilic stuff.

We’ve got a great start to the World Cup already and as said before the coming matches will certainly get tougher; all we can do is cheer our Blue Brigade all the way!!! Let’s hope for a dream script; India meets Pakistan in the Semi’s or the Final’s and we nail it … 7 – 0!!!

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