5 Reasons Why You Should Be At Krabi Islands (Thailand)

December 10, 2014 5 Reasons Why You Should Be At Krabi Islands (Thailand) This New Year @TheRoyaleIndia 1974 0 0

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Krabi is a beautiful town, tucked away in South Thailand by the stunning Andaman Sea. It is an ideal place for all those romantic souls who are looking for a quite getaway this New Year. Of course, a family trip is also worth to plan as Krabi is actually idyllic and unlike the typical Thai Islands which have far too much commotion. I know it’s already high time that you started making a list of places you could be; here I give you another destination to add to.

Sun, Sand and Beautiful Sunsets

Krabi has beautiful white sand beaches that are not too crowded. The water is amazingly clear. It has just the right temperature too for spending the day splashing in the soothing waters. However, it is the sunset at Krabi that is magical.

You have to actually see it to believe it. The long tailed boats perfectly add to the landscape.

Ao Nang is the city center where there is sea at one end with restaurants and shops at the other end. In the evening the place becomes lively with street shows and musicians. Sunset dinner is a very popular concept in Krabi.

The ideal thing to do is pick a west facing restaurant and watch the sunset while having dinner. Krabi is no Bangkok when it comes to shopping but it has its own share of things that will beckon to you.

krabi sunset @TheRoyaleIndia

Island Hopping

If you wish to see more beaches, even more beautiful beaches, go island hopping in Krabi. You can rent a speedboat and do it in style but it will be truly expensive. Shared speedboats are more reasonably priced. The journey can be done on a long tailed boat as well.

Hong Island is quite close to Krabi and a popular stop. Then there is the ‘four island tour’ which involves the Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and Railay Island. Railay has a five star accommodation on it. Railay has an active rock climbing culture too. The other islands are part of national parks and can be visited only for a day trip.

hong island @TheRoyaleIndia

Snorkeling and Diving

With so many beaches, snorkeling is a popular activity. Diving trips can be arranged as well. I snorkeled both at Hong Island and near Tup Island and it was great fun watching corals and the fish.

Generous People to Meet

Thai people are gentle and the habitants of Krabi even more so. The hospitality is warm and they take good care of you. When in Krabi you are assured of a traditional greeting and a smile most of the times. People at Krabi are conscious of the beauty of their land and they wish to keep it this way, away from the party crowd.

snorkeling at krabi @TheRoyaleIndia

Wonderful Accommodations

Krabi boasts of luxury. I stayed at Sofitel and visited Ritz Carlton and both are amazing properties. Sofitel has a 700 meter long swimming pool among other things. If you wish to have a really quiet and exclusive vacation, Ritz Carlton is the place. Resorts are generally away from the city. However, the city center has accommodations to suit every budget. Choosing an accommodation would not be a problem in Krabi.

However, if you absolutely wish to party, you can visit the Phi Phi Island which is a short hop from Krabi and known for its party culture. But if you wish to go to a place which is even quieter than Krabi try Koh Lanta Island. Both the islands have accommodations and you can stay there.

swimming pool sofitel @TheRoyaleIndia

Air Asia, Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways all have flights from Bangkok to Krabi. By road Krabi is about 10 hours from Bangkok.

So this was Krabi and I hope I have been convincing enough for you to add Krabi in your list of places-to-be-this-new-years. If you have places to share you are always welcomed to share your thoughts with us.

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