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We may have our Hondas and Yamahas in place already, but time and again, we have a new-kid-on-the-block (imported from another block!) that tries to shatter stereotypes. This is precisely what Italian two-wheeler manufacturer and designer, Piaggio, had in mind when it decided to launch the Aprilia SR 150, in India.

The ruggedly good-looking Aprilia SR 150 is a category of its own- it is called a Scooter Motorcycle, a Crossover Bike, and even christened as a ‘Motard’ by the heavyweights in the two-wheeler industry.

Commuters in India are quite happy with their Activas, Rays, Access 125s, then why would they even consider the new brand? Well, listed here are reasons why the new Aprilia SR 150 deserves a place in your garage, and that too, soon…

  • Unmatched manoeuvrability

Aprilia SR 150 scooter reasons to buy @TheRoyaleIndia


Our Indian roads are notorious for potholes-ridden ways, reckless drivers, traffic snarls, and general lack of following traffic rules. In such a scenario, unless you are someone with Batman’s reflexes, it can be quite difficult to avoid a car in front of you which suddenly decides to take a right, or maybe avoid a gaping pothole that promises to devour your scooter whole.

Aprilia SR 150 scooter features @TheRoyaleIndia

With the Aprilia SR 150, you get excellent manoeuvrability, so that you can zig-zag your way out of traffic (without creating a nuisance, of course); the scooter motorcycle comes with 220mm disc at front and 140mm rear drum brakes so that even a last second brake in front a pothole is possible.

  • Aesthetics combined with cause

Aprilia SR 150 scooter price india @TheRoyaleIndia


The Aprilia SR 150 is quite a head-turner, no doubt! It looks unlike the other scooters out there. It is effortlessly unique, with a beak-styled front apron twin headlamp, sporty looking handlebars, and a general ergonomic design. The scooter sports an elegant looking dual-tone art leather seat to match with the flamboyant design and the two colours that the Aprilia SR 150 will be available in- black or white.

  • Inclusion of USB charging port

Aprilia SR 150CC scooter incredible looks @TheRoyaleIndia

Now this one may seem silly, but when you realise just how much you depend on your Smartphone to see you through your day, this makes the Aprilia SR 150’s inclusion of a USB charging port quite a handy addition. Also included is a pass-by switch that helps in responsibly overtaking.

  • Your stepping stone to sports biking

Aprilia SR 150 scooter launch India @TheRoyaleIndia


If you are taking your baby steps into learning how to ride a sports bike, riding an Aprilia SR 150 is a good start. With a speed that can go up to 120km/hr, this crossover will help you give a feel of what it’s like to talk to the wind.

You can get book your own Aprilia SR 150 at any of the Vespa outlets in the country, or book it using Paytm offers for an amount of Rs.2000 (100% cashback offer available). Go ahead, get your hands on the desi manufactured (Baramati in Maharashtra is its birthplace) scooter and feel your Rs.65, 000 being well-spent.

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