5 Quick Tips For Simple Corporate Dressing

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The attire is an important aspect of a person’s personality because the way one dresses says a lot about his/ her preferences, state-of-mind, behaviour and choices in life. We have often heard when people say that he is cheerful or an introvert or a careless person. We fail to realize that the outfit is the first thing that is visible to the naked eye which leads to such conclusions. Therefore, it is a key factor that goes a long way in communicating your persona to someone you met for the first time or a client at the workplace. I would say it is a non-verbal way of conveying and conducting your personality and therefore the easiest to manage and work on to communicate exactly what you want the other person to perceive about you.

Thus in a corporate scenario it is imperative to dress crisply to bring out your strong self and make a point.

Below are my tips on daily corporate dressing:

Crisp and Sober

smart office wear men @TheRoyaleIndia

Be it a male or female, manager or executive, one has to wear crisply ironed clothes to work. There are no two ways about this. You may have to travel by public transport that creases your outfit but ensure that you carry an extra pair for work or purchase wrinkle-free material to make that vital impression amongst your peers and seniors at office. Imagine a crinkled shirt which may result in your boss not taking you for a meeting. You definitely do not want such a situation to arise!

Sober colours refer to solid mono-toned shirts and/ or kurtas that are not loud and flashy like blood red or sunflower yellow with too many prints on it. One needs to realize that office is a place to work and make a difference rather than show-off your fashionable clothing to impress. Allow peers and clients to notice you for your contribution to the project rather than get distracted by loud colour and prints of your ensemble.

Suit Your Body-Type

You may love that body-fit dress in grey that may be fashionable but if it does not suit you pear-shaped body then it defeats the purpose of power dressing at your place of work. Moreover, it may even look amazing on you but if it makes you feel uncomfortable while sitting it should be best avoided.

dress according to body type men @TheRoyaleIndia

For men it is comparatively simpler as they mostly stick to shirt and trousers with an occasional blazer and/ or tie thrown in for key conferences and meetings. However, the cut and fit of the trouser and the type of tie you choose is crucial. Men who are tall and have a slim built can choose a light grey colour trouser and team it up with a crisp white shirt and a narrow blue tie. While men on the little heavier side can stick to dark colours and choose a blazer instead.

Cleavage and Colour

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This is a big no-no as far as the women of the corporate circle are considered. Maintain a decent neckline and hemline and let you work speak for yourself. Realize that it is your words that will make an impact rather than the loud and shiny red lipstick which will rather be a distraction for your colleagues and clients. A light pink or a nude shade of lipstick applied with élan and carried with panache while talking will definitely make people sit up and take notice of both, your presentation and dressing style.

Best colours that a power dressed female should opt for: lively Beige, light & dark grey, pastel green, jet black, neat white, mauve, light blue, off-white.

Best colours that a power dressed male should opt for: Light grey, dark grey, shades of blue, white, black.

Smart Shoes & Minimalistic Jewellery:

You don’t need to match every outfit with the same coloured peep-toes, sandals or ballerinas. Choose a colour that is neutral and can be teamed up interestingly with a lot of colours. Beige, dark blue and army green are colours which help you make your presence felt in the corporate circle effortlessly and can be easily teamed-up with a majority of colours. Keep the jewellery minimalistic so that it lends you a feel-good factor and nothing more.

minimalistic jewellery @TheRoyaleIndia

For men, shoes are a great way to showcase their choice and personality. Three pairs of black, brown and suede should do the trick for them to smartly team-up with their formal wear at office.

Jewellery for women: Long earrings, clinking bangles, chunky neckpieces and colourful finger rings are a big no-no. Opt for sober stud earrings, minimalistic bracelet, a simple finger ring and pearl-string necklace instead.

Jewellery for the men: A diamond stud in one ear if it suits your overall personality and a marriage ring is more than enough. No need to display your wealth by wearing thick gold chain and bracelets in office.

Keep It Simple

corporate dressing keep it simple @TheRoyaleIndia

This is the most important point of all. It sounds easy but is the most challenging to implement with the correct balance. Some professionals believe that the more stylish the dressing, the better it is. However, they fail to realise that at the end it is what you speak at the board meeting which is important and not how colourful your clothes are. The significant point to note is that powerful dressing lends a sense of confidence and aura to an employee which adds to his/ her overall identity and goes a long way in creating that ever-inspiring best impression.

The above tips are not the thumb rule for corporate dressing but will surely contribute to your success at work.

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