5 Must Visit Music Hubs of Bombay

November 27, 2014 5 Must Visit Music Hubs of Bombay @TheRoyaleIndia 829 0 0

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Mumbai, or as I like to call it Bombay, is something like a smorgasbord of people and culture. Newton’s 10th law or something- where there are a lot of people there will be a HUGE mix of culture and interests.

Everyday millions (billions?) of people come to the city that never sleeps, to make their dreams come true but one look at the rent rates and everyone just goes rushing back home. But not before spending a couple of days and ‘drinking’ in the fast paced night life. If you are from Bombay, chances are you have been subjected to all kinds of party/ music genres and the best part is– you love ‘em all! So let us go through some of the best ones in the city so you can have at least 3-4 weekends planned well in advance-

hard rock cafe @TheRoyaleIndia

Hard Rock Cafe for Rock- Rock is 70s, 80s, 90s. Rock is cool and rock signifies and justifies long hair, piercings and tattoos and taking up guitar and drums classes. Rock is NOT (as opposed to popular belief) Satan’s child. Rock is anthem. Rock rocks! The place to be to listen to the best rock is Hard Rock Cafe. This international chain made its foray in Bombay (which by the way has another outlet as well). Go there for an evening of rock and live music from amazing Indian rock bands. Break into a jig with the stewards and sing with The Village People ‘Yaaai Em Ceee Ay’ (you should know the hand movements like, well, like the back of your hand). In the amazing words of Bono, ‘Rock is niche’.

baroke @TheRoyaleIndia

Baroke for Bollywood- It will be irresponsible of me to not mention the genre that makes up this city. Yup, I am talking about our larger than life industry which thrives on glitz and glamour and shady happenings. The place to be for THE BEST Bollywood music (no not your FM channels) is Baroke. Situated at Grant Road, this place is an elegant yet informal venue to have dinner and drinks earlier and then transcend into a night of clubbing. What better way to relieve stress than to drink and dance them away to Bollywood songs? Songs you can actually sing to!

blue frog @TheRoyaleIndia

Blue Frog for Live and mix- It is quite clear that in a country like India, there is no dearth of talent in any field. Especially when it comes to entertainment; and what better form of entertainment than music? Blue Frog helped change the live music scene in the city, giving platform to various new comers, established bands and famous DJs. This is THE place to be if you enjoy listening to new talent on weekdays or dance to some electronic on weekends.

shiro @TheRoyaleIndia

Shiro for Retro- This city has seen it all. Right from the roaring 60s to the techno 00s. So it is but obvious that there will be pubs and bars dedicating their music and entertainment to the retro era. The place to go to and listen to the best retro music is Shiro. With its retro themed Fridays, this (possibly one of the first few) Japanese outlet with its raw interiors is filled to the brim and with good reason.

tryst @TheRoyaleIndia

Tryst for EDM- Every passing decade has a music genre dedicated to it. This decade has EDM written all over it, what with the gazillion music festivals all year round, the numerous DJs (both upcoming and famous) visiting the country and judging a place by its electronic music. The place to be if you want to dance the night away or listen to EDM whilst sipping on your drink is Tryst. With its contemporary LED lighting, the VIP tables (with your name and your own customized menu by the way. On a gadget. Fixed to the table) and the brilliant music it is a sure shot way of impressing your date. If this doesn’t convince you, then you should know they are revamping their music list by coming up with even a bigger than normal.

There are other genres gaining popularity too such as sufi and house. Sufi is best heard live played by really good bands such as Kabir Cafe and house is played almost everywhere. If going to such places doesn’t do it for ya, then head to other cities for the music festivals which are on in full swing since this month. Yes we are also aware (or not aware) of those places which are super secluded but need a password. Are we allowed to talk about them? Else, why don’t you write to us or tweet us @TheRoyale to let us know your favourite haunts.

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