5 Must Visit Monsoon Sojourns Around Mumbai

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A monsoon break is always a welcomed idea if you don’t mind getting wet in the rains, or if you are game for playing in the puddles and listening to the patter of drops drumming a rhythm against your rainwear; Even more so if you don’t mind the water spray on your face and the wind blowing in your hair.

Monsoons transform the face of the state- Maharashtra. Carpets of green lush fields, against the rain-washed roads, blooming trees and swollen grey skies give birth to a poet in you. In fact, it wouldn’t be an understatement, if I insist that you are not really enjoying the rains if you are not outdoors experiencing the magnificent change in the weather.

And if you are wondering, where to set your foot this rainy season, here are my five suggestions, for destinations closer home, from Mumbai to witness the full glory of monsoons:

Pawna Lake

Monsoon getaway to Pawna Lake near Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

(Photo credit- The Blueberry Trails)

A picturesque sight, Pawna Lake is essentially an artificial man-made lake. Tucked away some 19 kilometres from Kamshed, it offers much needed and much quieter weekend stay, away from the touristy Lonavla. For the tired city soul, Pawna Lake offers a soothing solitude and lots of opportunities for trekkers looking to pump their adrenalin. If you are venturing out to Pawna Lake over the weekend, be sure to check out the forts of Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi which are ostensibly visible from the lake!


Bordi - Ideal location for a quick monsoon getaway near Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

(Photo credit- The Blueberry Trails)

Some 154 Kilometres away from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai, is the quaint, sleepy village of Bordi. Centred at the heart of Warli belt of Maharashtra, this charming sea-hamlet offers striking photo opportunities. Take a walk by the sea-side, taste the local cuisine, visit the chickoo orchards or take a lesson or two in the traditional Warli painting art. This weekend, just skip the crazy life and head to a creative break!

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls on Mandovi River is a perfect monsoon getaway @TheRoyaleIndia

If you are one of those who loves to live the life of a hippie with bare necessities to avail of, then this trek to the wettest place on the border of Goa-Karnataka is just for you. Dudhsagar Falls (literally Sea of Milk) is a four tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa on the Goa-Karnataka border. Some 60 km from Panaji city by road and 46 km from Madgaon railway junction by train, the trek has two routes; one takes you interacting with the wildlife inside the jungle, whereas the other takes you train-spotting on the railway tracks. Pack yourself some spare clothes as you are going to get drenched and awed by the 14 kilometre beautiful hike!

Note: There is no way, but to hike to and fro from the waterfalls to the nearest station- Kulem or Castle Rock! So brace yourself!


Coorg in the rains @TheRoyaleIndia

This year has an umpteen number of long weekends and therefore it is a great time to take a trip to the coffee country of Coorg, a counterpart in another state. Heralded as the ‘Scotland of India’, you can fly on a Friday morning to either Bangalore or Mangalore and then take off in a bus to reach the Kodagu land. Various coffee plantations, amidst various heavenly waterfalls add a different fragrance to the traditional Coorgi life. Unlike other sanctuaries in India, Karnataka wildlife sanctuaries are open even in rains, and therefore a visit to the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is a good bet! While you are here on a Sunday, you can also bathe some elephants at the Dubare Elephant Camp? The right time to go to Coorg is, well… Now!


Kolad near Mumbai is perfect for vacation during Monsoons @TheRoyaleIndia

You are excused, if you don’t know of this sweet little spot, nestled in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. If you are a hardcore adventure, head next weekend with your kayaks and river rafts to the waters of Kundalika. Overlooked over the years by travellers, this weekend getaway, today welcomes many a visitors who want to experience the true magical powers of a jungle. Roast a bhutta, go on a crab trail or simply camp out into the wild, the choice is yours!

Now that you have your options ready, it’s time to ditch the perch, the tea and pakodas. Head out and let the monsoons take over!

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