5 must haves in your 4-wheeler beast for memorable road journeys

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Summer and Holidays beckon for a trip! Even Better – RoadTrip!! Whether a means of just vacationing or a new found hobby, there’s a lot that goes into making a RoadTrip – a memorable one. Be it a spontaneous tour, or setting on a route you’ve been planning for weeks, here’s a look at 5 must haves in your 4-wheeler beast to be out of harm’s way and live it up en-route.

1. Gearing up your vehicle!

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Is your 4 –wheeler beast geared up for this trip? The answer to it depends on the roads you’ll drive. An SUV is the best bet on most road trips. Along with choosing the right vehicle, ensure that your vehicle is safe to travel in with a pre-trip maintenance check. It should include inspection of tires for air pressure, mirrors, lights & signals ensuring that they are in working condition. Checking the oil, coolant and brake fluid levels may help you avoid an accident or an unnecessary breakdown. Ensure that all emergency equipment is placed inside your car like flashlights, jack, orange flag, spare tires, etc. Have your driver’s license, insurance card, contact numbers for roadside assistance and emergency contact readily accessible. If you don’t know how to change a flat tire, learn how to do so before you take to the highways! Keeping a spare set of keys with your travel buddy is a good way to ensure you don’t lock yourself out of the car.

2. GPS enabled Smartphone

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With the dawn of technology, your guide to your route is now going to be a smartphone! From your navigation buddy – GPS to the apps that will help you locate your next stop over and the tunes to which you’re going to be crooning to the lovely pictures that you would post on Facebook and also Games that will keep the back-seaters engaged– the answer to it all. But don’t forget to ensure that your car has a charger to keep your phone battery thriving.

3. Food & Drinks

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Does embarking on a roadtrip, take your diet on it too? The lovely mouth watering food at the roadside dhabbas is definitely an excitement in itself. But while your palate may be game, your stomach isn’t always up to the challenge. Also, you won’t realize how your hard cash is slowly but steadily slipping out of your wallet. Thus, keeping in mind your stomach & going easy on the money; stock up on lots of water making sure you quench your thirst and are hydrated well and also light snacks like dry fruits, nuts, fruits, sandwiches, energy bars, yogurt cups will satiate your appetite. Carrying a cooler in the car to keep your drinks cool & fruits fresh is also a good idea.

4. Toiletry & Medication Kit

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No trip can go right without these- your Toiletry & Medication Kit! Your toiletry kit must have hand sanitizers, paper towels, tissues, toilet paper roll well-stocked. In addition, to these, you could also carry mini packs of your toothpaste, deodorants, body lotions, chapstick, and wet wipes. Putting together a first-aid / medication kit with few essentials like pain relievers, remedies for motion sickness, antiseptic and band-aids for minor cuts, odomos for mosquito bites and bandages for unexpected cuts and scrapes can save you from running around at the last minute hunting down a medical store.

5. Music!

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You can never be alone on a Roadtrip; your music always accompanies you wherever you go. You could always depend on the radio, but should there be some weak radio signals en route, your CD collection / MP3 playlists will save you. From Bollywood to jazz to rock songs, take along whatever makes your foot thump & makes you sing along. And you’re sure going to have a ‘time of your life’!

With these handy must-haves in your 4-wheeler, you’re sure set to have a fantastic trip! After all, nothing beats the feeling of the wind in your hair as your car zooms down the roadway.

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