5 Must Have Bar Accessories for your House

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Being in the company of friends or family at home over a drink can certainly be the most entertaining act. And to manifold this excitement if one is equipped with top shelf booze and the quintessential accessories it is sure to impress everyone and bag you with loads of appreciation. To strike the chords well, here are some “must haves”, your house bar should have.


bar accessories shakers @TheRoyaleIndia

Investing in a metal shaker with a well-fitted top cover and a strainer which fits onto a bar tin is a must. There are many which have a built in strainer though it’s not a routine feature. Essentially you could pick one either in steel, acrylics, clear glass, or collapsible metals from Amazon. It’s the basic tool for your home bar as many drinks like a martini is shaken and not stirred. Your guests are sure to love your attention to such little details.

Hawthorne or Julep Strainer

bar accessories hawthorne @TheRoyaleIndia

If you haven’t bought a shaker which has an inbuilt strainer then you must buy a strainer. Whether you serve stirred or shaken drinks, it’s important to remove ice and fruit pulp if your guests prefer it without the pulp. Hawthorne Strainers are widely used and while you shop for one just be sure that it has tightly wound coil to keep the strainer in place.

bar accessories julep strainer @TheRoyaleIndia

You also have an option of Julep Strainer which is perforated one, made of steel and has a shape of an over-sized soup spoon with holes. It is usually placed in a mixing glass or bar tin while pouring in the cocktails into the glass. Strainer

The long spoon

bar accessories long spoon @TheRoyaleIndia

Usually the bar spoon is a solid long one unlike an average spoon with a spiral handle. It has a simple spoon bowl to ease your task of layering or stirring. It can also render you some help if you were serving the fussy frozen drinks which don’t come out of the blender easily or if you wanted to fish cherries away from the drink

Ice essentials

bar accessories ice bucket @TheRoyaleIndia

For the drinks that are served on the rocks, stocking up ice is in the ice bucket is a wise option. In case you were to serve wine or champagne you could use the ice bucket to store the drinks for up to 6 hours. As an added bonus it saves you the time and energy of running to the kitchen every now and then. To have ample of ice for the drinks you could get the silicon ice cube trays which offer well shaped ice cubes. Also your guests would appreciate if you pick the ice using ice tongs and not your hands.

Bottle openers

bar accessories bottle openers @TheRoyaleIndia

Oh this is an evident choice for any house bar, but strangely many miss it. Get a mix bottle opener that would allow you to pop the beer bottles and is equipped with a curl for opening wine bottles or may you have one which is permanently installed on the wall. You can also shop for the trendier ones that have a knife so you can get rid of the foil covering the cork. Once you have these you would need to invest in a decent fruit juice extractor, mixing glass, fine glassware, sip sticks, cocktail straws, a Muddler for your Mojito and the icing on the cake would be the confident self to serve the guest.

There can be no second opinion about relaxing at home over a drink, or unwinding with a selected few at the home bar. Accessories apart, make sure to stock the bar sensibly and in taste with those of your visitors. Have something for teetotalers as well. Your thoughtful gesture will be greatly appreciated.

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