5 Must Have Accessories for Outdoor Photography

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Capturing light is the entire science behind the art called photography. When we shoot portraits in studio or any closed locations, the light can be studied if not controlled. The light scattered indoors seldom changes. But what if you are shooting outdoors? The light is not in your control. Challenges rise. When you shoot outdoor it is your skill and perseverance that can help you in tackling the challenges. To assist you, we will take you through some gear that would help you whilst outdoor.

Necessary Gear

Gear depends on the agenda you have. Your agenda could be varying anywhere from a serene landscape photography to a busy street photography. It also depends upon the climate. For example, rainy days add few more accessories to the gear kit. In this article, we will learn the necessary gear that we would take outdoors.


tripod for camera @TheRoyaleIndia

A tripod is as important as your camera when you are out to shoot outdoors. A sturdy tripod helps a lot in long exposure shots. Consider shooting a long exposure shot of a busy road in a night – without a tripod this shot is impossible.


It is always better to carry filters for the lens that you shoot with. It is advised to always have a UV filter on every lens. A perfect filter kit would be a collection of the following three filters.

uv filter for camera @TheRoyaleIndia
  • UV filter to prevent dust or any moisture or any potential scratches that can affect your lens

polarizing filter for camera @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Polarizing filter to remove any reflections and to enrich the colors and contrast

polarizing filters for camera @TheRoyaleIndia
  • ND filter used while shooting landscapes with rivers, waterfalls moving objects where a motion-blur is expected.

nd filter for camera @TheRoyaleIndia

Camera Bag

The photographer has to decide which type of camera bag he/she prefers. The options are plenty. Often used ones are explained below

camera waist bag @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Waist pack – a small bag that gets attached to a belt that runs around the waist. This is a small pack and hence can hold not more than a lens. And can be used when the lenses are not expected to be changed.

  • Sling pack – This is little bigger than the waist pack with few adjustable compartments and can hold a camera and few lenses as well. A decent sling pack comes with internal padding and a rain coat.

  • Backpacks – This is something similar to our travel backpacks, except that it has a lot more adjustable compartments. This also has internal padding to protect the gear and a rain coat. Also, few backpacks have a module to keep a laptop.

Flash gun and reflectors

flashgun for cameras @TheRoyaleIndia

Carrying flashguns and reflectors depends on the shoot that is planned. A portrait photography done with bright sunlight on one light might need a flash gun to fill light and thus remove shadows.

reflectors for photography @TheRoyaleIndia

Reflectors can also be used for the same reason. Off camera flash needs triggers. So when you pack your flash gun, do remember to take your triggers as well.

Camera and the lenses

Well, the most important ones. Each photographer has his own favorite camera. So we will not be talking in detail on the brand or model of the camera. But let us look a little into the lens that we would prefer to carry. Though the lens kit totally depends on the type of the shoot, we would always prefer to carry

  • A wide angle lens

  • A zoom lens

  • A prime lens

Other Accessories

Not to forget, always have a standby battery for your camera, flashguns, triggers, shutter release. A standby memory card is also advised. If you are on a long travel, do not forget to carry chargers (camera, flashgun) and a laptop.

Final Word

I once packed my kit and was almost ready to leave for a short 2 day journey to do a travel shoot. When I stepped out, it rained so heavily that I have to step back into my apartment. Sipping a hot cup of coffee, I decided to shoot rain through the window. Guess what? My camera had no batteries. They were still on the charger getting charged. Thanks to the rain. Do not forget to take a test shot in your apartment and check if your photo is saved in the memory card. It is a double check to ensure that the battery and the memory card are in.

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