5 most tattooed footballers and what their tattoos mean!

July 7, 2014 5 most tattooed footballers and what their tattoos mean! @TheRoyaleIndia 2334 0 0

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The football field seems to have been smitten by the Ink Fever! With most footballers sporting a body full of tattoos for reasons galore. Here’s, 5 of the most tattooed footballers and an insight on what their tattoos mean.

Daniel Agger

Daniel Agger @TheRoyaleIndia

Daniel Munthe Agger, is not only captain of the Denmark national team and centre back defender for Premier League side Liverpool but also a certified tattoo artist with the skill to etch others. One of the most tattooed footballers, Daniel’s body is a work of art.

The middle of his back depicts a huge tattoo of the Viking graveyard with Viking Holger Danske, a Danish legend which believes that whenever Denmark finds itself in trouble; he will rise and defend his country. Many tombstones are seen along side of Holger danskens. Daniel has three big Vikings on his lower back, each having an inscription on their helmets – ‘Intet set (nothing seen), Intet hort (nothing heard) and Intet sagt (nothing said) similar to the more commonly known proverb of the 3 wise monkeys ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’. A Latin proverb ‘Mors Certa, Hora Incerta’ meaning ‘Death is certain, its hour is not’ lies across the top of his back with his birth year 1984 as the background. His love for Denmark is visible through the several Dannebrogs (Danish Flag) on his body. A Viking adorns his upper right arm with the Latin proverb ‘Momento Mori’, meaning ‘remember you will die’. He also sports his sibling’s names, Marco & Stephanie, on the side of his torso, and his children’s name somewhere on his body. His right hand knuckles display his commitment and honor to Liverpool with the initials of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (YNWA), referencing the anthem of Liverpool F.C., inked on them. His left elbow highlights a convoluted band with the phrase in Danish ‘Succes er at leve som man selv vil’ meaning ‘Success is to live as one wants’. The sun is inked on the palm of his hand and his ankle reads ‘Pain is temporary, victory is forever

Raul Meireles

Raul Meireles @TheRoyaleIndia

Former Liverpool and Chelsea midfielder, Raul Jose Trinidade Meireles, hails from Portugal and also plays for Turkish giants, Fenerbahce in the Super League. He seems to have intrigued many football followers around the world with his Mohawk hair and tattoos. He is known to be a fan of tattoos since he was 18 years of age and says “I like Tattoos, it’s a taste, you know!”.

His back is etched with a colorful Chinese style dragon that represents the six happy years of his life spent at his hometown Porto, nicknamed ‘The Dragons’. A gothic necklace tattoo with skulls as beads covers his chest and the date 03/03/04 inscribed on it too. His right knuckle has LOVE written on them. His entire right leg from ankle to thigh is inked with faces of three women, a pocket watch, a rose, a famous cable car of Portuguese capital Lisbon, and a tower in Porto, the last one paying tribute to his hometown. He also has 3 stars and the number 14 and 16 – birthdays of Lara and his mother inscribed on his neck.

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos @TheRoyaleIndia

Real Madrid’s and Spain’s central defender, Sergio Ramos Garcia, a professional Footballer, is a fan of Bullfighting and Tattoos.

The dates 9/11 and 3/11 with the phrase ‘lies in the memory of those alive’ are inscribed on his left biceps that refer to the terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001 and Madrid in 2004. He also has a tattoo in remembrance of former Sevilla teammate Antonio Puerta, who died at the age of 22 from a series of heart attacks during a La Liga game in 2007. Brotherly affection, led him and his brother to get a tribal tattoo inked on their right wrist. His accomplishment of winning the biggest crows in club and international football, inspired him to etch matching tattoos of the Champions League and World Cup trophies on his calves.

Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill @TheRoyaleIndia

Australian football player, Timothy Filiga “Tim” Cahill is known for scoring a large proportion of his goals with his head and adorning tattoos that tell the story of his family and life so far.

His love for his family is worn by him on the sleeve of his arm. The sleeve of Tim’s left arm reflects his maternal Samoan roots. He inked a symbolic lifeline of his grandmother after she dies, linking it with that of his own and his parents. He also has an identical symbol to what his grandfather had, as well as symbols to represent his wife and children. He has inked the names of all his family members and the initials of the two clubs that have contributed to his career – Millwall FC and Everton FC.

Tim Howard

Tim Howard @TheRoyaleIndia

Goalkeeper for English Club Everton and the United States national team, Timothy Matthew ‘Tim’ Howard was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome as a child but overcame this obstacle to achieve his dream. He also has a reputation for playing through pain. This year, 2014, Howard showed off his arm and torso tattoos for PETAs ‘Ink, not mink’ anti-fur campaign.

Tim’s tattoos on his chest range from the portrait of his kids faces on his pec, words inscribed ‘Jacob..precious son..you are my strength and joy’ all symbolizing the love for his family. He also has tattoos of a white dove and a child praying on his chest and ‘Psalm 118’ inscribed on the inner left arm which speaks of giving thanks to God for he is good and that God’s love endures for ever; which only illustrates his devotion to God and his firm faith in Christ as proclaimed by him. He also has a superman logo, his number 24 on his ribs, outline of the state of New Jersey on his stomach, a passage of scripture on his ribs, Japanese imagery – Kanji, rising sun art and a geisha-on his right arm, heart piece right on his chest plate, a huge angel wing piece on the back as some of the many tattoos. The French proverb ‘Unis par l’amour’ meaning ‘United by love’ is inscribed along his collar bone. Surrounding this inscription are the roman numerals MCMLXXIX MMVII MMV that convert to 1979 2007 2005.

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