5 mistakes to avoid as per Vaastu Shastra for house

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Bring in the much needed peace and prosperity to attract positive energy that brings harmony to life. Here are 5 vaastu remedies that would certainly act beneficially and bring about an optimistic change in your life.

A great deal of time and effort go into making your ‘house’ into a ‘home’. Even one small oversight or incorrect decision can shake its foundations and create disharmony. Don’t fret; you don’t need to break down your home to make it Vaastu compliant. Follow these simple tips while considering doing up the interiors of your house and usher in a vibrant atmosphere.

Gone are the days when real estate developers would boast of world class amenities provided in their flats. Customers would love the provided facilities but Indians, being Indians would still ask this one question “Is the flat built according to Vastu? In which direction is the main door situated?” Builders had no other alternative but to heed to the demands of the customers. Finally the builders had to design their buildings according to Vastu. And lo and behold! The advertisements changed to “buildings being Vastu compliant”. And then were the customers fully satisfied. Such is the power of Vastu and not without reason.

So what is in this Vastu Shastra that the rich or the poor, the salaried or the entrepreneur and the man or the lady still prefer it and are ready to make minor adjustments to incorporate Vastu into their homes?

How do you relate the elements of nature with their directions?

For harmony and peace, the balance needs to be achieved between the elements and directions.

1. Earth – Earth is the most important element which influences our life in every aspect in every way.

2. Water – It is an element of the northeast and positioning of water bodies is made as such.

3. Fire – It is considered to be an element of the southeast, the sun rising from the east. So provisions are to be made for proper reception of sunlight in this direction.

4. Air – It is an element of the northeast and directions are important when you plan windows and doors so as to receive good healthy air.

5. Space – The sky or the universe is the centre of the whole system and that is the reason why the space in the centre of the house also called the ‘Brahmasthan’ is very important.

When you know about the five elements and their favoured direction, the need for positioning of objects and colours makes sense.

So now is the time to go into some aspects of Vastu and see how it can be incorporated into our daily lives. What are the things that need to be avoided, what are the things that you need to go for and what is the reason behind all these?

Here below are five tips that can make your home vastu compliant and usher in peace and happiness:

Avoid Dark Colors

Avoid Dark Colours @TheRoyaleIndia

Hues and its significance:

Colours are mood indicators. Colours are the joys of life. Colours are the sadness in life. In short, colours have the power to affect our moods. Colours have the power to heal. Colours have the power to depress. When colours are everything in our life, we need to ensure that the right colour combinations are selected so that it brings out the best in everyone.

So what do colours signify?

  • Red stands for power, aggressiveness, energy, passion and materialism.

  • Blue stands for serenity, contentment and beauty.

  • White stands for purity, truth, simplicity and luxury.

  • Orange stands for health, warmth and determination.

  • Green stands for abundance, fertility and prosperity.

  • Yellow stands for happiness, optimism and intelligence.

Go in for colours accordingly. Like for example in a master bedroom go in for a combination of blue and pink. In your kids’ room, go in for yellow and light green. Avoid using red here lest you face the wrath of your kids. In the kitchen you could use red combined with orange or white. According to Vaastu, the colours used in your home have significant effect on the mood and character of the inmates.

Colours to avoid red, black and grey in the entrance

Colours to go for – blue, yellow, white and dark green

Also, if you are fond of the colour-break concept, then paint one wall on the east or south in a darker shade. Let your rooms breathe style and comfort.

Avoid Cactus and Thorny Plants

Consider Green Plants @TheRoyaleIndia

Plants bring in a lot of energy. Some plants are especially known for their medicinal value and benefits. Plants in general are known to purify the air around us. So it is not a hidden fact that good plants are always welcome at home both indoors and outdoors. Vastu supports the placing of plants according to directions and it tells us to avoid some plants.

According to Vastu, cactus or related plants should never be kept in the house. Similarly, plants with red flowers and bonsai trees should not be kept inside the house.

To Avoid – Plants in the northeast corner of the house and potted-plants along the north and east walls of the house.

To go for – Place auspicious plants like Tulsi (basil) or money plant for prosperity and happiness.

In addition, bamboo is considered very lucky both in Vastu and Feng-Shui. They are considered to bring good luck and protect the people of the house from evil powers. Money plant inside the house is considered to bring prosperity to the house. Basil is a very auspicious plant and its uses and benefits are widely known and used. It is to be placed in the north or east direction of the house.

Choice of Paintings and Statues

Choosing the Right Clout @TheRoyaleIndia

Vaastu suggests paintings and statues placed in the house affect family members of the house too. You can easily find the choicest of Vastu-friendly paintings at the most affordable prices by using Flipkart offers.

Painting or idol of Radha-Krishna together is best advised to be kept in the master bedroom as it symbolizes love between couples. Also the statue or painting of two white swans swimming together indicates the closeness and love of couples. It can be placed in the bedroom. It is advised that your place of worship be in the northeast direction. Also you can place an idol of Buddha in the northeast direction of your living room. This indicates spirituality and helps in seeking connection with oneself and God. Similarly wind chimes in the west direction signify your overall development both professionally and personally.

To avoid – paintings depicting scary marks, scenes of Ramayana or Mahabharata, nude portraits, aggressive and abstract paintings with conflicting colours. Also, heavy statues should not be placed in the northeast area of the room. Statues or figures of wild beasts and birds should be avoided.

To go for – Temples, paintings of nature scenes, prayer, and temples usher in good health and better living. Rangoli, Om and Swastika symbols can be safely used as they ward off evil spirits and influences.

Avoid Overhead Beams

Avoid Overhead Beams @TheRoyaleIndia

Beams and columns are the base for strong foundation of the house. The floors and walls and in total, your house is held together by the beam. Such is the strength of beam. So it is obvious that if a person sits or sleeps under an overhead beam for long hours, then the negative effects of beam are felt. Exposed beams in the living room are said to have depressing effects, which can lead to disagreements and argument in the family as per principles of Vastu. Also exposure to beam leads to reduced work efficiency and ill health. A point to be noted here is the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling is at a considerable height then the affect of beam is reduced. But if the ceiling is low then the beam causes lot of negative energy to flow. And also if the beam is a very structurally important one, then its side effects will be felt. So the effect of the beam is influenced by the height of ceiling, the type of beam and the time you spend under the beam. 

To avoid – Sitting below the overhead beams for they will lead to you constantly worrying about something or the other.

To go for – Try masking the beams with a false ceiling or hang a lighting fixture or chandelier on the beam to balance the energies.

Also for a deeper insight on this, check out this article that gives tips for Vastu Plants at Home.

No Clutter in Bedrooms

Clutter free Bedroom @TheRoyaleIndia

Collecting and preserving things from the past is said to hinder your growth for the future. It makes you stuck in an endless circle of emotions. So it is advisable that you just keep a limited amount of things if at all it is to be stored as valuable memory treasures. Vastu believes that cluttering of objects leads to negative vibrations especially in the bedroom. In fact, bedroom is a room where you should be able to calm yourself totally and be at peace. That is the reason that things should be neatly organised be it your home or in cupboards or shelves. This leads to you being organised in life too. Clean all the shelves periodically. This helps in disposing all the unwanted stuff and that is how you reduce the clutter at home. 

To avoid – Things under the bed as they affect the subconscious mind and cause disruptions during your sleep, even footwear should not be placed under the bed.

To go for – Clean and neat bedroom area for a peaceful and calm atmosphere which helps you to live life optimally and in a well organized manner.

Clutter at home disturbs or cuts the passage of energy flow. When your home becomes free from clutter, it increases the productivity in you. It makes you less distractive and more productive.

Vastu Shastra is all about tapping the positive reserves of energy and utilizing it in a fruitful way. Follow the above tips to channelize and harness the positive energy. Let positive aura flow throughout your house and surroundings. Also let your home emit positive vibes while attracting positive energies. Vastu is not tough to incorporate or tough to heed. But the effects of Vastu are enormous enough to let you and your family live a happy and contented life. And this applies both to your personal as well as professional front.

Your home is where your heart is and hence you need to ensure it is rightly filled with the most suitable and essential things which bring in positive and peaceful vibrations.


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