5 Low Fat Celebrity Approved Snacks to Stay Slim without Starving

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In love with French fries dipped in tomato ketchup? Cannot live without having momos every other day? Or, is it cupcakes with exotic names and garnishing that take your breath away? The heart goes weak on the knees when it comes to snacking. With food ordering apps loaded in your smartphone and numerous options of yummies waiting to be delivered at your doorstep, resisting gluttony is an ordeal. The stress of work and personal life can add to the craving for fat inducing snacks, especially the sugary ones. Also, sometimes due to workload the urbanized officials forget to have meals or skip them, only to indulge on fast-food later. Changing eating habits supported by advancing technology keeps adding to your weight.

Frustrated from breaking the umpteenth healthy snacking resolution? Snacking is not an unhealthy habit in itself. Having light mid-day and evening snacks can prevent over-eating at lunch or dinner. You can take a cue from the celebrities. No matter whether from Hollywood or Bollywood, your favourite celebrities are careful about what they munch on. Instead of starving in between meals and following fad diets they stick to snacks that are low on fat and thus healthier. Here is a list of five low fat celebrity-approved snacks that you too can try without compromising with your hunger or torturing the taste-buds.

1.Flavoursome Idli and Green Chutney

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Have you wondered how Deepika Padukone maintains her lean and curvy figure with élan? Apart from her stringent exercise schedules, she also makes sure to eat a low fat nutritious diet. Healthy snacks like Idli and green chutney often feature in her meal plans. Even Aliya Bhatt snacks on Idli at mid-day sometimes. A South Indian food, Idli is a highly popular dish that can be prepared at home easily. It is basically a type of steamed cake made from fermented paste of black lentils and rice. There are specially made molds available in the market for pouring the Idli batter for steaming. This pristine white snack is usually eaten with different types of chutneys made using coconut, tomatoes and tamarind. But, it is in your favor to avoid chutneys made using jaggery or sugar. Green chutney can be a better option. It is made by grinding coriander leaves with a dash of lemon juice goes quite well with as well. Sticking to the less fatty green chutney will naturally increase the food value of Idlis. Each piece of modestly sized Idli offers just 39 calories. It contains no saturated fats or cholesterol, serving as the perfect diet snacks that also curbs cardiovascular diseases. They are filling as well, keeping you from binging on junk. In case, you are looking for a snack which offers more in terms of proteins or amino acids, give black gram Idlis a try.

2.Delicious Roasted Chickpeas

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You have had chickpeas from childhood. But, did you know that the star ingredient of Chana Masala is also great for your diet? Bring the chickpeas out of that spicy gravy and use it differently for a healthier outcome. Roasted chickpeas are the favourite snacking option of American celebrity rapper Kanye West. It is light on fat yet high on fiber and proteins. These are the two vital nutrients you need for losing weight, especially if you do cardio exercises. One cup of chickpea offers around 269 calories. Despite being low calorie, it is rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus and vitamins like folate. All these are necessary for replenishing nutrients in your body after heavy workouts. On top of all the health benefits, roasted chickpeas also taste great. You can chop some tomatoes, cucumbers and onions to mix with it. Add lemon juice for gaining the benefits of vitamin C too.

3.Fresh Apples

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There is hardly anyone who has not been stunned by the super-curvy body that Jennifer Lopez flaunts. One of the most iconic pop-stars of the world who insured her sizeable buttocks, Lopez swears by apples. Apples are always in her handbag for quick snacking need. Each apple offers just 49.05Kcal yet they come with a number of nutrients like Vitamin C. Being rich in both vitamins and potassium, it makes eaters feel fuller. Its fructose content reduces sugar cravings. Plus, being juicy apples is also helpful in keeping your body hydrated and safe from bloating. The skin of apple is a good source of fiber which improves bowel movements, flushing out toxins from your system. For variety, you can make a fresh apple salad or use it in a non-sugary smoothie along with other seasonal fruits.

4.Sumptuous Hardboiled Eggs and Egg Whites

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Going on a diet doesn’t mean that you have to throw out all your favourite foods completely. At least not when you are an egg lover! Jennifer Anniston, known for her silky hair and sleek frame, doesn’t mind snacking on hardboiled eggs between bigger meals. She feels that they offer her the nourishment she needs. Of course, a hardboiled egg sans oil or spices are a good source of nutrients that you might miss otherwise while on a diet. If you want to take the dieting game a few notches up you may choose egg whites instead of whole eggs. Sonam Kapoor prefers egg whites with brown breads for a light mid-day meal.  This helps in keeping hunger at bay before lunch and curbing unnecessary calorie intake. Having a high protein content egg whites make you feel satisfied so your food cravings go down without putting up a battle and you can steer clear of chips and dips. Try baked eggs coupled with other healthy veggies like Tomatoes and Bell peppers to spice up that diet chart. Check out some baked egg in edible cups recipe here.

5.Lavish Dark Chocolates

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Thinking wistfully about the delicious, melting richness of chocolates? They need not be completely absent from your daily diet. Every alternate day you may take pleasure in a cube of dark chocolate instead. It is a great mood booster which means you will not be sulking for having to eat salads anymore. Additionally, dark chocolate maintains blood sugar level and curbs appetite. Dark chocolate contains mono-saturated fat which doesn’t spike up your cholesterol levels rather provides the balanced amount of fat your body needs.

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