5 Innovative Home Décor Shopping Websites that Transform Your Home

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The dream of the perfect home lives inside each one of us and most of us have taken special care at one time or other to invest in building and decorating our home with utmost care. From choosing the perfect furniture, to matching upholstery and curtains, getting just the right shade for the walls, adding the perfect accents and accessories, there’s just so much one needs to invest in while decorating their dream home.

Sadly, the time and energy needed to invest in this mammoth task is often lost behind a hectic lifestyle. Work commitments and goals, timelines and deadlines, increased work responsibilities and the growing nuclear family life has made most of us unable to dedicate as much amount of time as we’d actually like to decorate our home.

Perhaps that was the main reason behind emergence of home décor websites? Either way, isn’t it just decadently convenient? To be able to go online and just breeze through thousands and thousands of home décor items; from furniture, to wall hangings and wall accents, wall stencils and the likes, to decorative items, lampshades and candelabras, electrical attachments, kitchen accents, there’s just so much to choose from that often it can get overwhelming indeed. How about we check out some of these innovative options?

Godrej Interio

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They started with the simple Storwel cupboard some 80 years back. Since then, Godrej slowly branched out into a more diverse branch producing some of the most unique, vibrant and innovative home décor brands in the country. And though we cannot call them a website per se, it’s certainly not a bad thing to just sit at home and browse through the categories, choose what you want, buy it in a jiffy and get it delivered at your doorstep. Saves you the trouble of traipsing through furniture stores, doesn’t it?


fab_furnish @TheRoyaleIndia

Established in 2012, this online retail brand gained instant success thanks to their unusual collection of everything that will help to transform even the most mundane home to a unique, exotic setting. The website has more than 60,000 products ranging from more than 500 brands and has been said to have sold over 300,000 products in the year 2013 itself. FabFurnish has also won various lifestyle retail awards and soon hopes to become the Indian version of IKEA

Live In Art

live_in_art @TheRoyaleIndia

A choice destination for the artist inside you, Live In Art is an unique e-commerce retailer that brings their customers handpicked designs directly from the artists who prepare them. This website operates from Mumbai and was launched by Darshan and Swapna Bhatkar, both of whom have over 10 years of experience in Interior Designing, Retail Chain Supply and together their venture has brought forth an innovation in the world of online home décor.

The Home Label

A venture by socialist and ex-wife to superstar Hrithik Roshan, Suzzanne Khan’s designer label is a haven for those seeking the best and most unique varieties of furnishings and decorative items to add a touch of glam to their homes. Though the website makes COD only to Mumbai locales and will ship for credit card purchases elsewhere, this is pretty much one of those niche brands that have made a mark online.


pepperfry @TheRoyaleIndia

One of India’s largest online home, living and furniture brands, Pepperfry boasts of 1 million customer base and has a collection of some really beautiful, unique and desirable range of products. Today, Pepperfry is synonymous with offering high quality, hand-crafted and very beautiful merchandize along with its delivery right at your doorstep.

With all these different websites that cater to everyone and every income bracket, all one needs to do is sit back and relax and connect to the internet, browse and shop. Can it get any easier than this? I don’t think so!

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