5 Indian authors to drool for

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When it comes to novels, I am the first person to buy a newly released one. You would definitely find me browsing online for ordering a pre-release novel or grabbing an autographed copy available either online or offline too.

I prefer Indian authors over the foreign ones not because they are Indians but for the filmy touch they add their stories may it be real or fictional. And why not, we get so bored of our daily life we do need some drama and action to happen to break the monotony!

There is this thing with Indian books that when one starts reading them, one just cannot put it down unless and until the book is completely read. I belong to those readers who get obsessed with the novels and don’t put it down till it is completely read from start to finish.

So the five authors to drool for –

Preeti Shenoy

Preeti Shenoy @TheRoyaleIndia

She is the most versatile Indian author touching almost every field of life- art, music, and sports and of course, writing. All her five books are national bestsellers. Preeti is famous for the way she plays with words and strikes a perfect cord. She is also among the top influential Indian celebrities on the Forbes celebrity list. Her blogs are truly inspirational and motivational. Her latest book- The One You Cannot Have, debuted at number 2 in Nielsen list.

Durjoy Dutta

Durjoy Dutta @TheRoyaleIndia

He started as a novelist and now he is a screenwriter, a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur. He is critically acclaimed for his scriptwriting in the shows Sadda Haq and Veera. The release of his latest novel, ‘When Only Love Remains’, has apparently increased his fan-following. With his deep dimples and chocolate boy looks he never fails to impress anyone. Durjoy has already published a total of 10 books; all of which are national bestsellers.

Ravindra Singh

Ravindra Singh @TheRoyaleIndia

His first novel – I too had a love story, is a legend. It has been trending ever since it was made available. It was the first book I ever read in my life and I remember crying for an entire hour after reading it. Apart from writing, he is a great motivational speaker too. A kind hearted, soft spoken Punjabi that he is, he just catches the eye of everyone. His books are an all-time reads, and are suitable in any setting, be it the 1920s or the 2020s. You can always each out to Ravindra Singh through his Facebook id… cute isn’t it?

Sumrit Shahi

Sumrit Shahi @TheRoyaleIndia

His first novel, Just Friends, was published when he was 17 years old which is the youngest age at which anyone has got a novel published till date. His second novel, A lot like love.. a li’l like chocolate too was liked by the adolescent group. Along with Durjoy Dutta, Sumrit is into writing scripts for telly shows Veera and Sadda Haq and also involved in the latter’s screenplay too.

Nikita Singh

Nikita Singh @TheRoyaleIndia

She is just 23 years old and a proud author of seven books. Most of Nikita’s novels are centered on teenage and emerging adults’ relationships and how they deal with it. Her latest book- Right Here Right Now revolves around an amnesic girl and how she deals with her newly found life after an accident. All her books have a take on life in a humorous but in a very logical style.

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